Tarot Card Major Arcana meaning

Tarot Card Major Arcana meaning in all spheres of life

0. The Fool.

The Fool Major Arcana meaningBoldly step into the unknown!

โ€œThere is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask “What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, What if you fly?โ€
– Erin Hanson.

Keywords: a new beginning, zeroing, jump in with both feet, from scratch, the joy of life, playfulness, naivety

Vibrations frequency: inspiration, daydreaming, carelessness, freedom, spontaneity, thirst for adventure, enjoying the moment, surprise

The Fool Tarot card as a person’s characteristic:

The archetype of The Fool Major Arcana is the Child. Accordingly, if this card appeared in the reading as a characteristic of a person, all the characteristics of a child are inherent in him. Naivety, carelessness, curiosity, a certain extravagance, indiscipline, frivolity. But even though society often condemns such qualities, the world has long recognized the fact that children have wisdom inaccessible to adults.

Interestingly, The Fool card is sometimes numbered not only as zero but also as the 22nd, final card of the deck. The naivety of The Fool is the highest wisdom because social norms and stereotypes often do not make any sense. The Fool breaks them down, trusts his developed intuition, and does not experience the anxieties, fears, and doubts of many “adults”. Indeed, deep down, he knows the answers to all questions. He is the personification of divine freedom, the beginning, and the end of the spiral of the spiritual path.

Such a person is very energetic, has powerful creative potential. He is fascinated by life, lives in the moment, capable of sincere admiration, light and free. This freedom manifests itself in the absence of a possessive instinct and attachments to material things; openness to new impressions and experiences. The Fool knows how to have fun and rejoice, and the Universe often bestows good luck on him in return.

The Fool Major Arcana in health readings

If The Fool Tarot card appears in the readings about health, this is a good sign! As you already understood, this card vibrates at a frequency of great vitality. Accordingly, it gives a lot of energy to the body. Since The Fool symbolizes freedom and zeroing, this card can portend getting rid of a bad habit, addiction, and healing from a chronic illness. It is your new beginning, so if something has tormented you before, everything will change. Also, the card speaks of surprises and new opportunities. And if previously there was no suitable treatment for your ailment, something new that can help you may suddenly appear.

The Fool Tarot card in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. For those who are not currently in a relationship, the appearance of The Fool indicates an imminent new acquaintance. Or maybe even several acquaintances ๐Ÿ™‚ Be prepared for the fact that everything will happen unexpectedly – the Universe will surprise you!

Analysis of an existing relationship. For those who are at the very beginning of a relationship or ask how a potential relationship with a particular person might develop. The Fool promises non-binding, passionate, and stormy romance. It will most likely be short and end as suddenly as it began. BUT! Do not think that a relationship that does not end in a lifetime marriage has no meaning. Relationship ruled by The Fool can be a rewarding lesson in your life, which will bring a lot of new experiences and impressions.

For those who have been in a relationship for a long time, The Fool promises a period full of pleasures and surprises. Perhaps you and your beloved will go on an exciting journey, or have a good time on vacation at parties. You will remember what it is like to be kids, fooling around, and having fun. Also, The Fool can literally mean a child – that is, pregnancy. And, most likely, it will be unexpected for you ๐Ÿ™‚

If you feel exhausted about your current relationship, and there is more negative than positive, The Fool card can mean a breakup or divorce. In this case, be assured that it will do you good. Your new beginning will be a wonderful period in your life, full of energy, creativity, freedom, and joy. Even if now you see the future in gray tones.

The Fool Major Arcana about work, career, and business issues

If your question is about work, business, career, Major Arcana The Fool portends a change for you. A new project, a new approach to work, a new position, place, or maybe your own business? Whatever it is, most likely, it will be a new activity in which you have no experience yet. And your task is to show slightly insane courage and start this new thing!

As you know, The Fool lives in the moment and says nothing about long-term prospects. However, it encourages us to open up to new experiences and trust the Universe.

In business matters, The Fool can mean remote work, freelancing, or the implementation of business ideas that seem crazy to others. You probably already know many “madmen” who made great discoveries and built huge companies with ideas that no one believed in at first. So sometimes you have to take a risk to make a colossal breakthrough ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Fool Tarot card about financial issues

Tarot Card The Fool doesn’t bother much about financial matters. As you can see, it depicts a man with one small pack over his shoulders. But there is an important point: he is not upset about it. On the contrary, it gives him lightness, flexibility, and opens up new opportunities! Therefore, it will be wrong to interpret that this card promises poverty or wealth. Rather it advises focusing on other things at a given time. And if you act in harmony with the Universe, you will be fine – in all spheres of life.

The Fool Tarot card about travel:

Any trip under the auspices of The Fool will be fun, exciting, inspiring. Pleasant surprises, unexpected acquaintances, new experiences, and impressions await you! You shouldn’t spend a lot of effort planning your trip – plans can break down, and this will prevent you from enjoying sudden opportunities. Show spontaneity and enjoy everything like a child – and you will be happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I.The Magician.

The Magician Major Arcana meaning
It’s time to manifest intentions!

“The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives”
– Michael E. Gerber

Keywords: skills, self-realization, creation, discipline, consistency, initiative, leadership, authority, activity

Vibrations frequency: power, manifestation, huge potential, confidence, determination, great success, transition to a new level

The Magician Major Arcana as a person’s characteristic:

The archetype of the Tarot card The Magician is the Creator, the Master. And if it appears in personality reading, you are dealing with a real creator. Such a person does not adjust to the existing reality but confidently creates his own. He is an established professional with many talents and a gift of persuasion. A determined leader who can tackle the toughest challenges. This person is very self-sufficient, confident, and focused on self-realization. Romantic relationships are less important to him. He will not suffer from unrequited love or sacrifice himself for the sake of his beloved. In any relationship, he takes a dominant position.

It is an active, responsible, organized person who can achieve great heights in a career or his own business. He has developed managerial qualities, copes well with multitasking. (It is not for nothing that the card depicts all the suits of Tarot cards as the magician’s tools). A sense of power can result in some arrogance and self-centeredness.

The Magician Tarot card in health readings

As I wrote above, Major Arcana The Magician vibrates at a frequency of tremendous strength and power! Accordingly, it promises excellent health and a surge of vitality. During this period, self-healing by the power of thought and recovery by the power of will is possible. Your ability to manifest intentions has reached a peak!

Major Arcana The Magician in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. For those who are not currently in a relationship, the appearance of The Magician in the love reading indicates an imminent new acquaintance. Moreover, this acquaintance will surely have a huge impact on you and your life, to the extent that it will radically change your reality.

Analysis of an existing relationship.For those who are at the very beginning of a relationship or ask how a potential relationship with a particular person might develop. Relationships under the auspices of The Magician is more a partnership of two self-sufficient individuals than a romantic union. There will be no boiling of passions or feats in the name of love. If both people in a couple are spiritually developed, they can ideally complement each other’s strengths, contribute to the realization of each other. They say about such couples: “They are a team!” In another case, partners can fight for leadership, compete with each other. At the same time, they do not hesitate to use any means and methods to take a dominant position, including manipulation.

For those who have been in a relationship for a long time, The Magician Major Arcana heralds a transition to a new level. For example, the start of the joint living, marriage, appearance of children or grandchildren, opening a business together, and so on.

The Magician Tarot card about work, career, and business issues

The Magician Major Arcana focuses on work issues and predicts great success in this area of life! If The Magician appears in your reading about work, he promises you a fruitful period, recognition of your professionalism, and a possible promotion. It’s time to take difficult tasks boldly and conquer new heights.

If at the moment you are unemployed, interesting offers will not keep you waiting. Once you publish your CV, many companies will see you as a valuable professional. Or maybe you will suddenly come up with an idea for starting your own business. In any case, remember that The Magician Tarot card represents an active approach.

Since The Magician is not only a professional but also a leader, he hints at development towards management. For example, getting the position of the head of a department. And if you are already a leader or entrepreneur, this card means imminent great success and the achievement of all your goals ๐Ÿ™‚

The Magician Tarot card about financial issues

Take another look at the image on the card. The Magician has at his disposal all four suits of the Tarot deck, and he knows exactly what to do with them. The appearance of the Major Arcana The Magician in the reading on financial matters promises you the availability of all the necessary resources. It also advises you to set bold financial goals and actively pursue them. During this period, the Universe helps you raise the bar, breakthrough, and reach a new level of wealth.

Major Arcana The Magician about travel:

The Magician Tarot card is not at all associated with rest. Most likely, you don’t even think about the relax now – energies seethe inside and force you to act, work, create! Therefore, a trip for passive relaxation by the sea is unlikely to be successful. But, on the other hand, active trips with clearly defined goals will bring both pleasure and benefit. So, for example, you can set yourself a goal to climb a high mountain, conquer a wave on the surf, study the culture of the locals – everything will work out! And, of course, business trips in any area of business will be especially successful during this period ๐Ÿ˜‰

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II. The High Priestess.

The High Priestess Major Arcana meaning
Wait for clarity!

โ€œGod moves in a mysterious wayโ€
– William Cowper.

Keywords: mystery, uncertainty, spiritual growth, insight, intuition, subconsciousness, occult and esoteric knowledge

Vibrations frequency: trust in higher forces, acceptance, waiting for impulse, patience, immersion in oneself, premonition

The High Priestess Tarot card as a person’s characteristic:

The High Priestess Major Arcana corresponds to the Queen of the Sky archetype. Describing the personality, this card indicates the developed feminine energy. Look at her image: there is a woman, and the Moon, and Water – โ€œyinโ€ prevails. Such a person is very wise, humble, and patient. She is endowed with powerful intuition, the ability to get to the essence of things, as well as a tremendous ability to accept. The person described by the High Priestess truly trusts the Universe and lets everything take its course.

Most likely, she is an introvert, outwardly calm, and even slow. However, this does not mean at all that she is lazy or indecisive. The main work and development take place in the inner world, not in the outer one. Look: on the Tarot card, The High Priestess depicts two pillars – black and white. The woman sitting between them seems to have found balance and harmony. She has no maximalism. The water at the feet of a woman indicates her ability to adapt and give life, and the Moon indicates developed empathy.

In relationships with the personality of The High Priestess Tarot card, you should remember: this is a closed person. You will never solve all of her riddles. But I’ll reveal one to you right now. Despite the outward gentleness and humility, this is a Very, Very strong person!

The High Priestess Major Arcana in health readings

The High Priestess is a symbol of everything secret. Appearing in any reading, it brings uncertainty to it, fogs things up. It informs you that at this moment, you do not know something important – something that affects the course of events. But it also says that everything secret will become apparent – when it is needed. And advises you to let your intuition guide you.

Accordingly, in the health Tarot readings, The High Priestess may indicate that you still do not know something about your own body, state of health, or methods of improving it. If your intuition has long been telling you that you need to go through a diagnosis, do it. If you have been ill for a long time and cannot find a way out, do not despair. The right treatment will come to you at the right time.

The High Priestess Tarot card in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. Major Arcana The High Priestess in the reading for a lonely person can say that now he needs this loneliness. You should not hurry up and actively look for a soul mate or desperately rush into a relationship. In general, she stands against the initiative. It is better not to rush things and wait for the person destined for you by fate.

Analysis of an existing relationship. For those who are at the very beginning of a relationship or ask how a potential relationship with a particular person might develop. Relationships under the auspices of The High Priestess are unpredictable. The future is in a fog, again, because there is something you don’t know yet. The High Priestess often points to a secret relationship. They can be platonic or hidden from others for some reason. In such a relationship, both your partner and you can have secrets.

For those who have been in relationships for a long time, a love triangle or cheating is not excluded. But don’t worry in advance. Perhaps your partner’s secret will not be so painful – for example, he can hide a gift or surprise for you. The main thing is to listen to what The High Priestess says: take your time, give the secrets time to unfold, trust your intuition.

The High Priestess Tarot card about work, career, and business issues

As you already understood, The High Priestess hints at things hidden from your understanding. During this period, your position at work is uncertain. It can be expressed, for example, in the threat of layoffs – there are rumors but no specific statements. Or maybe no one at work can clearly articulate your tasks, and you do not understand what is expected of you. Or, your own business is not progressing as quickly as you would like, and you do not understand the reasons.

Besides, The High Priestess Tarot card can indicate toxic colleagues, bosses, partners, weaving intrigues behind your back. Or, in general, testify to the fact that the firm works illegally. In any case, The Priestess advises not to take active action until the fog dissipate. And your intuition will help you to reveal the truth.

The High Priestess Major Arcana about financial issues

The Tarot card The High Priestess does not directly say anything about money. As you already understood, she is busy with spiritual issues, and she advises you to focus on them too ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course, the secrets and uncertainties that The Priestess brings to each reading can also relate to financial issues. There may be some secret money scams going on behind your back. Or maybe you can’t figure out what is stopping you from increasing your income.

Either way, turn on your intuition and wait. All secrets will be revealed at the right moment for you. Perhaps the financial setbacks you go through is the path that higher powers take you to wealth. Yes, God moves in a mysterious way, and you are not able to understand His plan from your current point of view. But look: the card shows ripe pomegranate fruits with many seeds. It is the Hebrew symbol of fertility, abundance, wealth. So the Priestess can herald a deferred profit – one that will come when its time comes.

The High Priestess Tarot card about travel:

Traveling under the auspices of The High Priestess is a risky business. The prospects are unknown, anything can happen. However, if your intuition advises you to go, do so! After all, the uncertainty of the future gives us a chance to influence it ๐Ÿ˜‰

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III. The Empress.

The Empress Major Arcana meaning
Enjoy the abundance!

โ€œAll you need is loveโ€
– The Beatles.

Keywords: fruitfulness, fertility, cyclical renewal, growth, birth, motherhood, bloom, prosperity, creativity

Vibrations frequency: safety and fullness of being, abundance, vitality, care, love, comfort, coziness, fulfillment of desires

The Empress Tarot card as a person’s characteristic:

The archetype of The Empress Major Arcana is Mother Nature. This card is sometimes called Mistress. Look at the image: there are 12 stars in the crown of The Empress, symbolizing all the signs of the Zodiac. And it testifies to the power and abundance of this individual. And there is a shield in the shape of a heart with the symbol of Venus on it. It means that she rules wisely and with love. Such a person achieves her goals in fair and kind ways, rarely shows aggression. His best protection is love.

The personality characterized by The Empress Tarot card is influential and has a status. Even if she does not occupy such a position in society, she has all the qualities of an excellent owner and manager. Such a person is capable of multiplying any resources, like Mother Earth. She is strong, positive, creative. Knows a lot about pleasures, appreciates comfort and coziness, and knows how to create them.
In a relationship, this person can give a partner true love – long, stable, caring, unconditional, like a mother’s one. She is a good friend, a partner in marriage and business. She knows how to enjoy life, calmly endures periods of failure, and always gets abundance in the end.

The Empress Major Arcana in health readings

Wherever The Empress Tarot card appears, it brings prosperity, abundance, and happiness. In the health readings too. You will feel great, and if you were sick before, you will definitely recover! Just like spring comes after winter, your body will awaken to life. The Empress is, first of all, the patroness of female happiness, so she will certainly bestow health on the reproductive system. Also, it will provide you with all the resources you need to recover and improve your well-being.

Major Arcana The Empress promises the fulfillment of all desires and contains love and care. Accordingly, if it appeared in your reading, you can try to heal people close to you with your love and care. If you sincerely wish them well, they will get better quickly!

The Empress Tarot card in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. The appearance of The Empress Major Arcana in your reading promises you the beginning of an auspicious romantic period! It’s like you wake up from loneliness and flourish in the eyes of potential fans. You will have not just an acquaintance, but many wonderful acquaintances, from which you can choose the best for yourself. In general, this card is considered the patroness of female happiness in love. And even if you are a man, it means that your woman will be happy with you, and this is the key to a successful relationship, doesn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Analysis of an existing relationship. For those who are at the very beginning of a relationship or ask how a potential relationship with a particular person might develop. Relationships under the auspices of The Empress are marriages arranged by the Universe! You have a very deep, light, pure connection, a real kinship of souls. A long, stable, and lasting union await you. You will most likely create a strong family. Also, don’t forget about the Empress’s fruitfulness. Such relationships are designed to be creative and bring something new to this world. Perhaps you will have children, or you will build a house and increase wealth and abundance. Or maybe all this at the same time! It all depends on your desires, and the Empress’s job is to fulfill them ๐Ÿ™‚

For those who have been in a relationship for a long time, The Empress Tarot card promises a second honeymoon. Your feelings for each other will awaken, passion and romance will return and flourish with renewed vigor. Also, this card can indicate pregnancy, the birth of children or grandchildren, the wedding of children. In any case, a new spring awaits your love!

The Empress Major Arcana about work, career, and business issues

The motto of The Empress Tarot card is prosperity and abundance in everything. For those who want to find a job, it will present many lucrative offers, promising connections, and the conclusion of new contracts. To those who have a job, the card will give career advancement and income growth. In any case, the work environment will be comfortable for you both physically and emotionally. A friendly team of colleagues, a cozy office, and all the necessary resources are waiting for you.

For those running their own businesses, The Empress has excellent relationships with customers, scalability, a sense of security, and improvement. Since our Empress is the Mistress, she helps entrepreneurs, and even more – those who are engaged in the Venusian business. It can be anything related to beauty, art, and pleasure.

The Empress Tarot card about financial issues

Major Arcana The Empress is not about a stable income. It is about real wealth! If this card appears in your financial reading, expect a rapid increase in your profits. Abundance is when you can afford absolutely whatever you want. And this, by the way, applies not only to money but also to other resources – physical and mental strength, helpers, and time.

The Empress Tarot card about travel:

If the Empress has appeared in your reading about the journey, you must go on it. It is this trip that will bring you the fulfillment of your desires. In addition to the joy of relaxation and new impressions, you have every chance to find new love, useful work relationships, acquaintances, knowledge. This journey will surely help you improve your financial picture and bring abundance into your life. How? Only the Empress knows ๐Ÿ™‚

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IV. The Emperor.

The Emperor Major Arcana meaning
Go for it with persistence and discipline.

โ€œDiligence is the mother of successโ€
– English proverb.

Keywords: ideas realization, goals achievement, responsibility, realism, endurance, persistence, consistency, perseverance, priorities, rationality, authority, control, rigor

Vibrations frequency: masculine energy Yang, composure, tension, structure, focus, sober mind, order, firmness, discipline

The Emperor Tarot card as a person’s characteristic:

When The Emperor Major Arcana appears in reading as a personality characteristic, you are dealing with a living personification of the male Yang energy. The archetype of this card is the Father. It depicts a man on a throne, seated among the red lands. These lands symbolize Mars – the planet responsible for the masculine principle in astrology. Also, there are heads of rams on the throne of The Emperor. This is a reference to Aries, the first sign of the Zodiacal circle. Aries reminds us of leadership, defending our interests, the beginning of all beginnings. However, our Emperor is not quite like Aries. He is no longer young and has managed to recover from the impulsiveness inherent in this Zodiac Sign.

The Emperor does not follow the lead of emotions – he is rational, practical, effectively arranges any activity. Such a person has true firmness of character, willpower, perseverance. He clearly knows his goals and consistently implements them. A person characterized by The Emperor Tarot card is likely to be successful in managerial activities. He skillfully controls the situation and dominates the process.

In personal relationships, this is a “stonewall” you can rely on. However, the strength of his character can result in tyranny over loved ones. Also, among the controversial qualities of such a person are exactingness, pedantry, stubbornness, inertia, and inflexibility.

Major Arcana The Emperor in health readings

In the health readings, The Emperor Tarot card portends well-being and the presence of vitality. If you have been healthy before, your condition will be stable and reliable. If you are sick, The Emperor will help you recover – on one condition. As you remember, this card is quite strict and demanding, so… you need to follow the routine strictly. Daily regimen, diet, exercise, procedures, medication. Follow the plan and the rules rigorously, and The Emperor will reward you with better health very soon!

The Emperor Tarot card in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. The Emperor Major Arcana loves structural, consistent, and practical steps towards a goal. If you dream of a soul mate, you have to take a business approach to your love life. Describe specifically your goal, make a plan. Take concrete and logical actions, and then the acquaintance of your dreams will definitely happen! ๐Ÿ™‚

Analysis of an existing relationship. At the very beginning of the relationship, or in the reading for a potential relationship with a specific person. The relationships under the auspices of The Emperor Tarot card promises to be robust, reliable, and stable. Everything will develop correctly and consistently. In such a relationship, there will be no place for betrayal and poverty. However, they may lack feelings and tenderness. The partners in such a marriage will have more obligations than rights. The Emperor imposes severe restrictions, discipline, and following the rules. Who is going to come up with these rules and monitor their implementation? The one who has a more pronounced masculine energy in this couple.

In a long-standing relationship, The Emperor Tarot card heralds new obligations to each other. It can be making money, running a household, or caring for a joint child. Your couple will have a period of discipline and work, somewhat reminiscent of the army. However, don’t worry. Do not forget, The Emperor always talks about the implementation of plans and the achievement of goals. So you strain and work for a reason. You will definitely achieve your goals, just make an effort! And one more thing: if you had some incomprehensible, indefinite period in a relationship, it’s over now. Everything will settle down and go into a calm, stable channel.

The Emperor Major Arcana about work, career, and business issues

The Emperor Tarot card is a wonderful sign in the business readings. Stable earnings, confidence in the future, realistic success await you. You will be able to put things in order, or you will have to do this thanks to the bosses, tax audits, etc. The workflow will be perfected to the smallest detail. Basically, you will be busy planning, building strategies, and/or reporting on their implementation. You may become more disciplined. Or maybe, the rules and control at your workplace will tighten. However, if you show responsibility, punctuality, and diligence, you will receive a fair reward!

The Emperor Tarot card about financial issues

What if Major Arcana The Emperor appears in your financial reading? Well, there won’t be lottery winnings here. But whatever you have earned, you will receive it. In general, The Emperor symbolizes a stable and reliable financial situation. You will feel calm and secure. It is also possible that an influential and strong man will help you solve some financial problems. Or even provides you with all money you need.

The Emperor Major Arcana about travel:

Tarot card The Emperor says “yes” to business and research travel. The trips, in which you do not plan to laze ๐Ÿ™‚ If The Emperor appears in the reading on your vacation, the trip will pass without problems, and the situation will be stable, but… you will hardly be able to relax completely. In such a case, there are a few things you can do to improve the result. The Emperor advises deliberately planning everything and checking the details. By being practical and sober, you will receive his blessing, and the journey will go well!

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V. The Hierophant.

The Hierophant Major Arcana meaning
Find a mentor and listen attentively.

ยซTwo things fill the mind with ever-increasing wonder and awe, the more often and the more intensely the mind of thought is drawn to them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within meยป
– Immanuel Kant

Keywords: search for the essence, learning, knowledge of the truth, finding meaning, morality, respect for authorities, mentoring, patronage, kind advice, rituals, ceremonies, blessing

Vibrations frequency: humility, obedience, mindfulness, curiosity, spirituality, accepting help, gratitude, respect

The Hierophant Major Arcana as a person’s characteristic:

As a characteristic of personality, the Tarot card The Hierophant means a deeply decent, highly moral person who steadily follows moral norms. The archetype of this card is Saint, and we see the high priest giving his blessing to people on it. Accordingly, no matter what religion and faith this person belongs to, he plunges into it entirely. He respects elders and authorities, is law-abiding, and humble in front of forces that he considers more powerful. Note that The Hierophant on the card seats on the throne, and this is no accident. For his holiness, this person is often awarded the patronage of higher powers, they help him.

The person marked with the Major Arcana The Hierophant is very fond of learning and reading. Do you see the keys at his feet? The key is a symbol of knowledge, penetration into the essence of the world order. If he is quite an adult, then he himself, most likely, is a mentor and teacher for others. Overall, this is a very positive, kind, and intelligent person. In his work, he appreciates the knowledge of his colleagues, and he is an excellent employee. However, in personal relationships, he can strain loved ones with his adherence to the rules, a kind of fanaticism, and tediousness.

The Hierophant Tarot card in health readings

Since on The Hierophant Tarot card we see a blessing bestowed on people, it should be perceived as good news. You definitely shouldn’t be afraid of deteriorating health. If you already have a health problem or illness, The Hierophant gives you a chance to recover. Most likely, during the period for which you are asking, you can easily find a good doctor or the information you need. They will help you improve your condition – a wise advisor and knowledge.

The Hierophant gives a large amount of vital energy for highly moral, spiritual affairs. Those that feel like your mission on earth. By channeling this energy in the appropriate direction, you can increase it. But do not abuse alcohol and mundane entertainment ๐Ÿ™‚ The Hierophant will not like it, and this can affect your well-being and energy level.

The Hierophant Major Arcana in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. The Hierophant Tarot card blesses you! Soon you will get to know your soul mate, and this acquaintance will be correct and highly moral in all aspects. Most likely, it will end with a wedding ceremony, or maybe it will just happen at such a ceremony. Besides, acquaintance is possible in the library, at training, in an educational institution. Shortly, you may receive valuable advice from someone in the field of building relationships, meet a matchmaker, or find a mentor in love affairs.

Analysis of an existing relationship. At the very beginning of the relationship, or in the reading for a potential relationship with a specific person. Under the auspices of The Hierophant Tarot card, relationships are stable, strong, built on the foundation of the principles of morality. Trust and generosity reign in these relationships. Both partners contribute to the spiritual development of each other, learn something together. The Hierophant adores rules, rituals, and ceremonies, so this relationship will surely lead to an official marriage – perhaps with a church wedding.

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, and The Hierophant appears in the reading for current days, a calm and stable period awaits you. All problems and previous incomprehension will be resolved. In a sense, this is a reference to The High Priestess card. Remember, she kept talking about secrets that you still don’t know? The Hierophant, on the contrary, speaks of insight and clarity. If you or your partner hid something before, the truth will come out. And the most beautiful thing here is that Major Arcana The Hierophant will help the participants of the situation to show understanding, generosity, forgiveness. And in the end, it will turn everything in such a way that it will only strengthen your relationship.

The Hierophant Tarot card about work, career, and business issues

For those who are actively looking for a job, The Hierophant Major Arcana carries good news. Your wish will come true. Moreover, it will not be just some kind of money-making. This activity will feel like your destiny, mission, something mega important to the world, which at the same time fuels your enthusiasm. Feeling that you are right will awaken confidence in your knowledge and skills. A new job will bring a lot of energy, inspiration, passion, active movement in your life.

For those with a job, The Hierophant forecasts the learning process. Perhaps you will need to take refresher courses, acquire new professional skills. Getting new knowledge will greatly help you in your work. Perhaps you will have a mentor or vice versa – you will become a mentor for someone. The card tells you that you will be great at helping the newbie get up to speed. The Hierophant adores all kinds of ceremonies and rituals. In business, he predicts the signing of contracts and deals, grand openings of establishments, seminars, conferences, etc.

The Hierophant Major Arcana about financial issues

The Hierophant Tarot card is highly spiritual, so money is not in the first place here. Although, he does not predict any financial troubles. The Hierophant blesses whatever you ask, so you won’t have to worry about money at the nearest time. As I wrote above, the card hints at learning and gaining knowledge. It may be the new knowledge that will bring you an increase in income in the future.

The Hierophant Tarot card about travel:

If Major Arcana The Hierophant appears in your travel reading, that’s good! There will be no setbacks or difficulties on your trip. The best travel format under the aegis of The Hierophant is a pilgrimage, educational, research. However, even if you thought about traveling just for relaxation, it is possible that you will gain valuable knowledge in it. Or, get acquainted with highly spiritual, wise people who will become your mentors and patrons. Good advice awaits you on this trip, go for it! ๐Ÿ™‚

By the way, we have a potential mentor for you. The Moon Calendar gives wise advice on behalf of the Moon for every day 👇

VI. The Lovers.

The Lovers Major Arcana meaning
ะกhoose with your heart.

โ€œAttitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you.โ€
โ€• Roy T. Bennett

Keywords: a choice of the heart, irrevocable determination, readiness and ability to choose, giving up something for the sake of something more, leaving the comfort zone, temptation, crossroads, fork

Vibrations frequency: awareness of your own desires, confidence in the decision, risk, love idyll, harmony, mutual understanding

The Lovers Tarot card as a person’s characteristic:

If The Lovers Major Arcana appears in the personality reading, this is a passionate, decisive person, who lives by the behest of his heart. The series of choices that he made in his life had a great influence on him and his path. The Lovers is a quite controversial card. Its archetype is the Choice itself, the Man at the Crossroads. Perhaps the person you are asking about is facing an important choice right now. However, he already knows which road to take. It is a conscious and responsible person, and if he has already made a decision, then he follows it steadily. He tends to risk everything for the sake of something more, to leave his comfort zone.

Such a person is capable of loving with all his heart. In a relationship, he gives the partner romance, harmony, understanding, passion, tenderness, care – everything needed. There is a lot of fire in him, which manifests itself both in personal relationships and at work. The person of this card “burns” with his work, does what he really loves, with passion and enthusiasm. He knows how to understand his desires and can give up a lot to fulfill his dreams.

The Lovers Tarot card in health readings

The Lovers Tarot card is positive and energetic. Take a look. Bright colors, symbolizing vitality, prevail. The Sun is shining, the angel blesses absolutely healthy and young woman and man.

But let’s not forget that The Lovers tell us about the choice. You probably already guess what it is about and what decision in the field of health you should make. Start a treatment or postpone it? Try this or that method of treatment? Which workouts should you give preference? Get rid of a bad habit now or later? Reconsider the diet, and which diet to choose?.. So. It’s time to make this decision ๐Ÿ™‚

Major Arcana The Lovers in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. If The Lovers Tarot card appeared in your love reading, it speaks for itself ๐Ÿ™‚ Love is just around the corner! I don’t even believe that you are single now. After all, there is already someone in mind, right? You just need the determination to say YES to this relationship. The card advises you to listen to your heart. If it really strives to this person, make a responsible decision to change your life for the sake of a relationship with him. And also, The Lovers Major Arcana hints at an imminent romantic date with some intimacy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Analysis of an existing relationship.

At the very beginning of the relationship, or in the reading for a potential relationship with a specific person. Under the auspices of The Lovers Tarot card, strong love unions, full of deep feelings, begin. The real Love, the Love of Your Life is waiting for you. And this relationship will surely change your whole life: social circle, habits, routines – everything! And then, it’s up to you. Do you dare to make such changes, or are you afraid to step out of your comfort zone? It is where the hidden symbol of the card – Choice – catches up with you. If now, at the very beginning of the relationship, you make this decision with your heart, the Sun from the card will illuminate your path. The angel will bless your union. No doubt!

For a long-standing relationship, The Lovers Major Arcana predicts the moment of making an important decision. Maybe we are talking about marriage, the birth of a child. Or, the choice is more everyday and routine, but it will still have a huge impact on your relationship. In the worst case, The Lovers may indicate a love triangle and the need to choose between two partners. Whatever it is, you already know the advice of the card: Choose with your heart!

The Lovers Tarot card about work, career, and business issues

As you may have guessed, in such readings, Major Arcana The Lovers speaks of choice too. You may have to choose between two job offers. Or whether to stay at work/home or quit/go to work. You may be considering risking a stable income and starting your own business.

Whatever, if you decide with your heart, the card will bring you happiness. You will truly love what you do. The card grants you excellent relationships with colleagues, comfortable working conditions. Also, The Lovers can indicate success in any business related to beauty, pleasure, and entertainment.

The Lovers Major Arcana about financial issues

The Lovers Tarot card pays more attention to feelings, emotions, sensations than material things. Even in work, business, and shopping, during this period, feelings dominate. And the card advises choosing with the heart, that is, putting feelings in priority over everything else, including money. However, this does not mean at all that you will have financial problems. The Lovers is a kind and favorable card, and it does not send bad luck to anyone ๐Ÿ™‚

The Lovers Tarot card about travel:

The period of The Lovers Tarot card’s reign is a great time for any kind of recreation and entertainment. Travels under the auspices of this card bring a lot of positive emotions, vivid impressions, enriching sensations. Of course, the period is ideal for love adventures and romantic getaways with your beloved. You may also have to make choices and decisions on travel. But you already know the answer, so don’t worry, be happy!

The choices can be tricky. Enlist the help of the Moon to always make choices you won’t regret 👇

VII. The Chariot.

The Chariot Major Arcana meaning
The war is over, and you are the winner!

ยซWe are the champions, my friends
And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
‘Cause we are the champions
Of the worldยป

Keywords: breakthrough, great deeds, victory, well-deserved success, publicity, overcoming obstacles, willpower, triumph, the rapid development of events, now, great prospects

Vibrations frequency: a leap forward, optimism, thirst for activity, openness, growing up, awareness, second wind, speed, inspiration, enthusiasm, energy

The Chariot Major Arcana as a person’s characteristic:

When The Chariot Tarot card appears in personality reading, it is about a strong and experienced leader. There were many obstacles in his life, but thanks to willpower, he successfully overcame them one by one. It was these obstacles, the negative experience of the past that made him who he is now – a psychologically mature, strong person, a Winner. Note the two sphinxes shown on the card: black and white. They symbolize the balance of defeat and victory that helps the personality of The Chariot move forward and be himself.

Such a person earn everything that he has by hard work. Although he loves to work ๐Ÿ™‚ The Chariot gives him enthusiasm, courage, and optimism. And also, the increased speed of implementation of his plans. He will not put off until tomorrow what he can do today. In work, business, and social life, he is a fighter, a warrior who wins with willpower and faith, despite setbacks. In personal relationships, it is more difficult for him, such people are often lonely. They either do not devote time to this area of life at all, or they bring their militant, dominant approach into the relationship. But a relationship with a gentle, more submissive person can be very happy.

The Chariot Tarot card in health readings

The Chariot Major Arcana promises excellent health, a surge of vitality, energy. If this Tarot card appears in your health reading, you have been preoccupied with this issue for a while. Perhaps you are struggling with a specific illness or suffering from a lingering loss of energy. Anyway, everything will change for the better, and very quickly! Full recovery awaits you, absolute victory over the disease, cardinal improvement in health! The Universe will finally help you and rewards for the previous challenges.

The Chariot Major Arcana in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. If you have tried to find a soulmate for a long time and have made many unsuccessful attempts, The Chariot Tarot card promises you a breakthrough and victory. Your efforts will finally end with success, and you will find the long-awaited relationship. If you have recently experienced a breakup and have not really tried to find a lover yet, The Chariot may hint that it is better to postpone this question. Sometimes each person needs time alone to understand themselves and take time for self-realization.

Analysis of an existing relationship.

At the very beginning of the relationship, or in the reading for a potential relationship with a specific person. This relationship, like a fast Chariot, will bring you to success, some kind of breakthrough in life in those areas that you have been working on for a long time. Somehow, your union will help you overcome previously insurmountable obstacles. It will inspire you, empower, and strengthen your belief in dreams. Relationships under the auspices of Major Arcana The Chariot develop very quickly. There can be a wedding after a week from acquaintance ๐Ÿ™‚ However, a struggle for leadership and the unwillingness of partners to make concessions to each other can too. Everyone can be immersed in their own realization and not pay enough attention to their partner. Work through this moment, and your union will be absolutely happy.

For those who have been in a relationship for a long time. If you feel that you have invested a lot in them and still have not received what you want in return, then soon your dreams will come true! For example, you lived with your partner and dreamed of official marriage. Or, tried to get pregnant unsuccessfully. Or maybe you got into a love triangle in which you fought with competitors. In any case, very soon you will win!

The Chariot Tarot card about work, career, and business issues

Major Arcana The Chariot is one of the best major Arcanas for work and professional development. A rapid rise of position, the achievement of outstanding results await you. You will be recognized as the Winner (perhaps in some competition among employees), you will receive the award. For entrepreneurs, The Chariot promises scaling, victory over competitors, and gaining leadership positions in the market. Since The Chariot is still a vehicle, business trips can await you in any profession.

For those who are currently unemployed, you just have to make an effort. You will be able to defeat the rest of the candidates and win the desired position. In general, it is worth remembering that The Chariot is not a gift of fate but a well-deserved reward. Victory comes through invested effort and will.

The Chariot Major Arcana about financial issues

As in all other areas, the appearance of the Tarot card The Chariot here heralds a breakthrough. Years of hard work are about to result in success. Your income will increase dramatically and quickly. Everything will happen so quickly that it may seem that this is an accident. But this is not the case. You have been overcoming financial difficulties for a long time, and finally, you gain a victory in the financial field!

Also, it is possible now to receive money by a court decision in which you participated for a long time, or a grant for which you fought.

The Chariot Tarot card about travel:

Major Arcana The Chariot is a great card for travel! Actually, it is the symbol of the trip. This trip will be victorious for you wherever you are going. Perhaps you are going on a well-deserved vacation after many years of work. Or maybe it will be a super successful business trip. One way or another, success and triumph await you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Every Great Winner has a Great Helper. To keep the Higher Forces on your side, enlist the support of the Moon 👇

VIII. Strength.

Strength Major Arcana meaning
Tame your instincts and use them.

ยซA lion sleeps in the heart of every brave manยป
-Turkish proverb

Keywords: taming the beast, love of life, sacred passion, the balance between instincts and spirituality, courage, charm, cunning, resilience, competition, challenge

Vibrations frequency: being present, harmony, inner power, confidence, the fullness of life, passion

Strength Tarot card as a person’s characteristic:

When the Major Arcana Strength appears in the personality reading, this testifies to her enormous inner power. This is a passionate, hardy, brave, energetic person, who truly loves life. Her unique talent lies in the ability to balance her “animal” part with spirituality and use the right one at the right time. Look at the card: a woman here tamed a lion, the king of all animals. So, the soft cooperates with the wild in this person. The source of her power lies in her instincts (lion), and humanity & spirituality (woman) wisely control this power.

With such a plot of the card, it’s no surprise that the person loves to compete. Sometimes she challenges herself. And also, she almost always wins due to her endurance, confidence, and inner balance. Such a person can be a successful athlete or show business figure, realize herself in a “competitive” field of activity, become a multiple winner of various competitions. In a love relationship, she is extremely charming, can easily conquer anyone ๐Ÿ™‚ Passionate, sexy, appreciates bodily pleasures, but usually devoted to her partner and remains faithful to him.

Strength Major Arcana in health readings

Tarot Card Strength in health readings speaks for itself. It guarantees great well-being, energy, vitality. If you were sick before, now you can easily tame and defeat any disease. For this, the card advises you to pay attention to the needs and desires of your body. The body, your inner lion, knows better than any doctor what it needs right now.

Perhaps a challenge awaits you, or you will create it by yourself. For example, living a week without sugar, drinking more water, or running a marathon. If you dare to pass this test with confidence and endurance, you will definitely get better health. Also, the Major Arcana Strength marks the ideal time to get rid of bad habits and develop new, useful ones. Social pressure and a competitive atmosphere will also help you with this. Try to find relevant group challenges on the web – there are a lot of them now.

Strength Tarot card in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. For those who are single, the Tarot card Strength in relationship reading promises a fruitful period. Now you are more attractive than ever! At this time, you can win many hearts and even the most obstinate “king” (the lion on the card is the alpha male, the king of animals). How will you use this power? It’s up to you. You can enjoy the attention of many fans, or you can start a serious relationship. In any case, fans will do anything for you. Note that the taming of the lion on the card occurs through calmness, confidence, gentleness. These are the traits you should show when dealing with potential lovers ๐Ÿ˜‰

Analysis of an existing relationship.

At the very beginning of the relationship, or in the reading for a potential relationship with a specific person. Tarot card Strength promises a stormy and passionate romance based on physical attraction, “chemistry” of bodies. Besides, this arcana also means a challenge. Somehow, this relationship will be a challenge for you, a test of endurance. The show “Bachelor” comes to my mind, in which many girls are fighting for the heart of a man. Usually, not the brightest and most aggressive girl wins, but the calmest and confident. Of course, this does not mean at all that you will participate in such a show. But a relationship under the auspices of the Strength will definitely not be simple or boring. The Major Arcana Strength says nothing about whether such relationships will be long and lasting. But they will bring passion, excitement, energy, vivid impressions, and enjoyment of the moment.

For those who have been in a relationship for a long time, the Strength Tarot card will bring a new wave of passion and sexual attraction. And this is great! However, this card may also hint at a situation of competition, a kind of love triangle. In any case, it is you who are the tamer of instincts here. And you will be able to defeat them – both in yourself and in your partner. If your soulmate has a connection with somebody else, it is based solely on sexual attraction.

Major Arcana Strength about work, career, and business issues

When the Major Arcana Strength appears in the reading of business-related issues, it is time to rejoice! If you are unemployed and want to find a job, feel free to send your CV. Now you are adorable and confident, which will help you conquer any employer. Moreover! It is time to dare, challenge yourself, and apply to that โ€œunattainableโ€ company of your dreams. Any competition or casting will end with your victory, just do your best.

For those in employment, the Strength Tarot card heralds new responsibilities and challenges. And yes, you should accept the challenge and give all your best. As a result, you will receive a reward – active career advancement, promotion to managerial positions, decent wages.

Strength also prepared gifts for entrepreneurs: active expansion of business and victory over competitors. But remember that the Strength gives gifts only to brave men who dare to take on the difficult tasks and pass this test with their heads held high.

Strength Tarot card about financial issues

Major Arcana Strength guarantees you a strong financial position and confidence in the future. These people are said to keep their feet firmly on the ground. Income growth is also possible – but only if you accept the challenge and show persistence. This card is not about unreasonable risk in a casino, but rather about competing to win, implementing a bold idea of making money that requires endurance.

One of the meanings of the Tarot card Strength is Victory like it is for The Chariot too. But they are different. The Chariot bestows victory as a result of the past long struggle with obstacles. And Strength is challenging us right now, and this challenge is our chance to win.

Strength Major Arcana about travel:

When the Strength Tarot card appears in your travel reading, have no doubts. Gorgeous vacation and adventure await you! The journey will be active, happy, full of vivid impressions, bodily pleasures, wild joy of life, a sense of freedom. This Arcana brings a competitive element everywhere. Perhaps you are going to some competition? Or it will happen spontaneously and unexpectedly for you. In this case, to win, remember all the advice of the Force. Namely: use instincts and spirituality in time, dare, show confidence and endurance, maintain inner calm ๐Ÿ™‚

To balance instincts and spirituality, use the help of the Moon – a wise companion of the Earth, the patron of our subconsciousness and emotions 👇

IX. The Hermit.

The Hermit Major Arcana meaning
Take time to explore yourself.

ยซFind out who you are and be that person. That’s what your soul was put on this Earth to be. Find that truth, live that truth and everything else will come.ยป
– Ellen DeGeneres

Keywords: solitude, isolation, own path, inner compass, indifference to the other’s opinions, spirituality, retirement, self-knowledge, self-defense, creating one’s own value system

Vibrations frequency: clarity, silence, single task, inner peace, immersion in oneself, finding oneself, loyalty to oneself, rest, reflection

The Hermit Tarot card as a person’s characteristic:

The Hermit symbolizes an introverted person who prefers solitude and a calm rhythm of life. The archetype of this Tarot card is the Wise Old Man. Accordingly, this person is smart and wise, and most of the activity in his life takes place in his inner world. He thinks a lot, is often fond of philosophy, psychology, meditation, religious teachings. The superpower of The Hermit lies in the fact that he understands himself perfectly. He reached it by devoting a large amount of time to self-discovering and building his value system. Now other people cannot influence it. The Hermit remains true to himself.

Such a person stays in a state of inner peace and a clear mind most of the time. He knows how to take care of himself. His self-realization is his own path, which may be incomprehensible from the outside. But believe me, The Hermit knows exactly why and where he is going. See the lantern in the man’s hands shining on the card? It is a symbol of his decision, based on a deep understanding of himself, which shows him the way forward.

Most likely, this person works in solitude, away from the rest. He is not a team player. Engaged in single-task, measured activities. Relationships with such a person can be hard for more extroverted people. The Hermit needs time alone, and his partner may consider this cold and indifferent. However, if The Hermit decided to connect his life with you, he will be faithful to you till the end. Despite his isolation and immersion in himself, he can support loved ones and become a source of unique wisdom for them, which is inaccessible to many people.

The Hermit Major Arcana in health readings

Unfortunately, The Hermit Tarot card is unfavorable in health readings. It can mean a temporary deterioration in health, forced isolation due to illness, sick leave, lockdown. However, this Arcana has a clear goal, and if you achieve it, you will definitely get better! The fact is that modern life is often very full of events, communication, information flow from social media, etc. Because of all these distractions, a person can stop hearing himself or run away from internal problems.

The Major Arcana The Hermit calls on us to realize what is really happening in our souls, to rethink our values and actions. And when a person does not have time to do this in the whirlpool of work and everyday life, the Higher Forces are forced to isolate him from the world and deprive him of the opportunity to act outside. So, engage in self-discovering, and strength and health will surely return to you.

The Hermit Tarot card in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. The Hermit Tarot card informs you that your love life will not change anytime soon. It also says that you need to be alone now. Reflect on life, learn yourself, and clearly understand what you want from the relationships.

Analysis of an existing relationship.

At the very beginning of the relationship, or in the reading for a potential relationship with a specific person. There are two options for the development of relationships under the auspices of The Hermit Tarot card. The first is realized if both partners are owners of a phlegmatic or melancholic temperament, introverts. They are two people with a need for personal space and a calm, slow, and secluded lifestyle. In this case, this can be a strong union of two sages, shielding themselves from the rest of the world, like monks on a mountain. Both partners will deeply respect and perfectly understand each other. They will be โ€œon the same wavelengthโ€, incomprehensible to the rest of the world.

However, the second option is much more common. In relationships under the auspices of The Hermit, cold, loneliness, detachment reign. The more active partner may feel trapped in a cage or, on the contrary, completely abandoned. Ghosting is common in such relationships; they can never move on to the stage of physical intimacy or completely disappear into thin air. It can also mean long-distance relationships.

For long-standing couples, The Hermit Tarot card can predict separation due to the departure of one of the partners to another city, country. Or maybe you two are moving, but to a place where you don’t know anyone yet. Isolation from the world is possible in the form of maternity leave to care for a child. The leitmotif here is the feeling of loneliness. In the worst case, there may be a period when both will immerse in themselves and feel lonely next to each other. A cooling of feelings for a partner due to concentration on oneself.

Major Arcana The Hermit about work, career, and business issues

The Major Arcana The Hermit is a kind of symbol of the exit from the active phase. Therefore, if you are unemployed yet, you should devote the near future to yourself and not looking for a job. If you are an employee, you may have a vacation, business trip, or refresher courses. Or vice versa, transferring your experience to new employees. Alternatively, you can voluntarily resign or retire. In any case, now you should think about your professional path and understand whether you have chosen the right type of activity and place of work.

The Hermit Tarot card advises entrepreneurs to quit operating activities and look at the business from the helicopter’s view. On this basis, you will be able to plan proper ways for further development.

Whatever this pause may be for you, remember: the Universe gave it to you precisely because you need it.

The Hermit Tarot card about financial issues

The Hermit Major Arcana, among other things, is also a symbol of a certain austerity. He certainly won’t shower you with money. First of all, because now you need to do a lot of inner work, and you should not be distracted ๐Ÿ™‚ During this period, it is better not to conclude business deals, not to make big purchases, and generally not to be active in the material world. It’s better to look inside yourself. As for money, you will have a stable, albeit small, income.

The Hermit Tarot card about travel:

The Major Arcana the Hermit always speaks of some distance and rest. Accordingly, traveling under his auspices is a great idea! It is exactly what you need now. Especially if it is going to be a quiet ride alone. Great for various pilgrimages, hiking in the mountains, relaxing camping. Traveling now is your chance to understand yourself better. And perhaps this understanding will change your whole life when you return home.

In astrology, self-discovery is closely related to the Moon. She is the patron of our emotions, feelings, subconscious processes. With the Moon Calendar, your path to yourself will be more exciting and deeper 👇

X. Wheel of Fortune.

Wheel of Fortune Major Arcana meaning
You’ll get lucky!

ยซNothing happens accidentally. Everything happens through necessity, so it is of little use to complain when fate comes knocking at the door. ยป
โ€• Jostein Gaarder

Keywords: vocation, determination, fate, the Highest Law, fulfillment of a life task, cyclicality, changes, fatal and sudden events, karmic situations, lucky chance

Vibrations frequency: surprise, luck, joy, trust in Higher Forces, gratitude, unexpected change for the better

Wheel of Fortune Major Arcana as a person’s characteristic:

When the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card appears in the personality reading, we are talking about fate’s favorite who always has good luck. He has an unusual talent for being in the right place at the right time. Can be spontaneous and unpredictable. However, his mood is always cyclical. A period of joy and uplift is followed by a period of sadness and apathy, and then everything repeats over and over again. Usually, other people envy him. They say he receives too many gifts of fate that he did not deserve. But this is not true. Major Arcana Wheel of Fortune symbolizes the will of the Higher Forces. Pointing to a specific person, They tell us that this person has a special purpose. And all those gifts are his path to manifesting his destiny.

The purposes can be different, respectively, the vector of development of such a person cannot be determined from the card. There are no specific characteristics, no inclinations, and preferences. And this fact has a deep meaning. After all, the Wheel of Fortune symbolizes the finger of fate, mysterious events that people cannot comprehend and, moreover, influence. In other words, you don’t need to know too much about this person – such knowledge will not change anything. Your relationship with this person, like his whole life, is in the hands of the Higher Forces, and everything will be at their will.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot card in health readings

For those who are sick and hope for healing, the appearance of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card in the health reading carries good news. An unexpected recovery awaits you, a surge of vitality and strength! And everything will happen by itself, in some miraculous way, and you do not have to do anything for this. However, when the fateful changes and happy coincidences of circumstances heal you, you will probably understand why this happened. And you will not have the slightest doubt that the Higher Powers took part in this.

If you are in good health, the Major Arcana Wheel of Fortune does not portend illness. However, it reminds us that everything in this world is cyclical. By harmonizing your life in accordance with these natural cycles, you can avoid many diseases and increase your vitality every day. So, for example, on the eve of the cold season of the year, it would be good to strengthen the immune system. And at the end of it – to saturate the body with the necessary vitamins. And, of course, you cannot ignore the Queen of Cycles – the Moon! Changing phases, she daily affects all life on Earth. Learn more about the Moon’s impact on our health here >>

Wheel of Fortune Tarot card in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card is an unexpected gift from Destiny. It means that your personal life will suddenly change for the better! Acquaintance will overtake you unexpectedly, find you wherever you are. You do not need to make any efforts, just accept it with gratitude ๐Ÿ™‚ After all, this acquaintance is not ordinary, but the karmic, fateful one! Of course, we should bear in mind that life-changing relationships do not always turn into happy marriages. But in any case, this acquaintance is necessary for you and is destined by heaven. Perhaps it will teach you a lot, open up new horizons for you, and help you make a breakthrough in personal growth.

Analysis of an existing relationship.

At the very beginning of the relationship, or in the reading for a potential relationship with a specific person. Major Arcana Wheel of Fortune says that these relationships in your life are not accidental. They have a higher meaning, a certain purpose, a karmic task. Also, this card always reminds us of cyclicality. Most likely, in your relationship, a period of harmony and happiness will replace the cooling of feelings, and so on.
For long-standing couples. Tarot card Wheel of Fortune, in this case, means sudden changes for the better, unexpected joyful news. Everything will happen by itself, a big luck will smile on your couple! For example, the news of pregnancy, a proposal to move to a new home, or even to another country. After all, the card shows a symbol of the movement, a wheel ๐Ÿ˜‰ It can be anything in any area of life, but it will definitely have a positive effect on your relationship.

Wheel of Fortune Major Arcana about work, career, and business issues

Did the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card appear in your business-related reading? Changes for the better in the form of an unexpected gift of fate have not spared this area of life! If you’re unemployed, a great job literally will find you. Moreover, now you have a great chance of finding and realizing your own purpose.
Those who are already employed will receive pleasant surprises in the form of praise from their superiors, bonuses, and promotion. Entrepreneurs have a chance to achieve unprecedented business success, especially when launching new projects and working with investments. And the best thing about all these improvements is that you don’t have to try hard and work for them. Your only task is to accept them! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wheel of Fortune Tarot card about financial issues

The Major Arcana Wheel of Fortune promises sudden, accidental incomes – and most likely, large ones! With this card, money does not come as a result of hard work, but thanks to a lucky coincidence. Lottery winnings, unexpected bonuses, expensive gifts… The Wheel of Fortune is in charge of all this. It would seem that randomity rules here, but… Accidents are not so accidental. Your unexpected income is the decision of destiny, providence, karma. Everything in the Universe is interconnected and makes perfect sense.

And also, the Wheel of Fortune may hint at buying a car – or maybe somebody will present you one? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Major Arcana Wheel of Fortune about travel:

Major Arcana Wheel of Fortune, by its very appearance, lets us know: travel will be successful! It is not for nothing that the card depicts a wheel. On the trip, a happy accident awaits you, a stroke of unprecedented luck that can turn your whole life upside down. Or maybe this trip itself will be the result of a happy accident? For example, a gift or an unexpected win. Either way, feel free to start your journey. What will happen to you there is predetermined by fate itself and will certainly contribute to your growth and movement towards your goal.

They say you can’t run away from Destiny. But we can learn to live in harmony with the Universe and the Higher Forces. The Moon helps us in this – the wisest teacher we have ever had 👇

XI. Justice

Justice Major Arcana meaning
Get what you deserve: reward or retribution?

“What goes around comes around”
– English Proverb

Keywords: karmic retribution, consequences of actions, reward, laws, court, government structures, resolution of all confusing issues, reason, balanced judgments, justice

Vibrations frequency: objectivity, impartiality, conscience, cold mind, responsibility, poise, honesty, courage

Justice Tarot card as a person’s characteristic:

When the Justice Tarot card shows up in a personality reading, we are dealing with a balanced, honest, and, of course, fair person. She is ruled by a cold mind, and emotions are always in control. Such a person lives by conscience, honors the laws, shows clarity, attentiveness, and responsibility in any business. In a negative manifestation, she can be a literalist, fixated on formalities. Or, she can show some arrogance, consider herself a tool of justice in the hands of God. (Look at the card: the girl is sitting on a throne in a crown, with a raised sword in her hand).

In fact, in a sense, it is true. Higher Forces endowed this person with an extraordinary talent for making objective judgments. She has a heightened sense of justice, the ability to understand the most complicated cases and reveal the truth: who is right and who is wrong. This gift should be used in the right direction: to be realized as a lawyer, judge, prosecutor, detective, policeman, politician, civil servant, accountant, journalist… Otherwise, a person can carry out lynching and torture relatives and friends. In personal relationships, she is mostly cold, low-emotional. On the other side, she is always fair with her partner, honest, responsible, and loyal.

Justice Major Arcana in health readings

The basic meaning of the Major Arcana Justice is the consequences of actions, reward or retribution. Accordingly, it brings these themes to any area of life. Therefore, what happens next to your health will be the result of your previous care for your body. It is when it becomes clear whether you did a good job ๐Ÿ™‚ After all, it will be decided by the Higher Forces, which are always objective and fair.

That is, if you paid enough attention to self-care, your health with the Justice Tarot card will be wonderful. In the case when you were sick for a long time and were diligently treated, the Higher Forces will grant you a complete recovery. But, if you, on the contrary, did not sleep enough, did not eat well, skipped workouts… blame yourself.

Justice Tarot card in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. Again, according to the Major Arcana Justice, your future is predetermined by your past. In other words, it all depends on your behavior. The card contains a chance of acquaintance – and not a simple, but a very serious one. Such acquaintances usually lead to an official marriage. This Arcana generally loves to formalize and legalize everything. However, this will happen if you really deserve it, according to the Higher Forces.

Analysis of an existing relationship.

For those who are at the very beginning of a relationship or ask how a potential relationship with a particular person might develop. Relationships under the auspices of the Tarot Card Justice is above all the relationship you deserve. It is a key point here, and the result can be completely different depending on your past actions. But more often than not, the card indicates a relationship that will lead to a marriage ๐Ÿ™‚

It is also true for long-established couples: it may be time for you to get officially married. Unfortunately, Justice loves not only marriages but also divorce proceedings. Therefore, if you deserve a divorce, this Arcana will lead you to it. Also, the Justice Tarot card patronizes such legal proceedings as the payment of alimony and the division of property. In this case, no matter how complicated the process is, its resolution will be soon, and it will be truly fair.

Major Arcana Justice about work, career, and business issues

Justice Tarot card appears in any scenario to administer justice. Therefore, if you really did your best to get a good job offer, it will happen soon. Moreover, everything will be official in a company that complies with all the requirements of the law.

Employed people will also be able to see the consequences of their work shortly. It can be praise, promotion, bonus, salary increase as a reward. Or – shaming, fines, and even dismissal as punishment.

For entrepreneurs. In general, the Major Arcana Justice patronizes the conclusion of various agreements, contracts, partnerships, as well as work with documentation, interaction with government agencies. Inspections of special authorities, tax services are possible. Their result, as always, will be fair and entirely depends on your previous actions.

Justice Tarot card about financial issues

Well, you receive what you deserve with the Justice Tarot card. From multiple increases in income to complete ruin… Everything is possible now ๐Ÿ™‚ It is worth noting that along with this card, some documents, legislation, legal proceedings often come into life. As a result of such processes, you can either get money or lose it. For example, when dividing an inheritance, property, and so on and so force.

Justice Major Arcana about travel:

Reward or retribution awaits you on this trip. As usual, the Major Arcana Justice does not say anything more specific. Get what you deserve. However, there is one small tip. Since this Tarot card pays great attention to formalities, it will surely appreciate your efforts if you check the correctness of all the documents before you go.

Regardless of past behavior, everyone deserves a chance to correct their mistakes and become better. So that you can organize your life in harmony with the Higher Forces, we have prepared a Moon Calendar for you. It will tell you more about the mood and energy of each day and give you useful tips for all areas of life 👇

XII. The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man Major Arcana meaning
Look at the situation from a different angle.

“That is the strangest thing about the world: how it looks so different from every point of view.”
– Lauren Oliver

Keywords: a different angle of view, rethinking, sacrifice, crisis, stagnation, delay, test, new commitments, price

Vibrations frequency: stuck, freeze, uncertainty, paralysis, hopelessness, dead-end, humility, patience

The Hanged Man Tarot card as a person’s characteristic:

When The Hanged Man Tarot card appears in the personality reading, it indicates a humble, patient, responsible “great martyr.” This person can sacrifice a lot for the fulfillment of long-term plans. Most likely, he is an introvert, often indulging in thought, which sometimes translates into very creative ideas, the ability to find an extraordinary solution to a complex problem.

He tends to sacrifice himself for the sake of others, to play the role of a victim in relationships. Rarely shows initiative, resigns himself to circumstances, which is fraught with passive self-sabotage. Such a person may have trouble accepting compliments, gifts, care, and love from his partner. Also, with his humility, he can inhibit his own professional development and income growth. Quite stubborn, does not want to look at the situation objectively. However, he is capable of doing this, and even more – to see the solution that no one else sees. In general, the main thing for such a person is not to go to extremes. Indeed, the ability to wait and sacrifice something for the sake of a global goal are wonderful traits. They can make him a very successful person and an interesting, loving partner.

The Hanged Man Major Arcana in health readings

The main meaning of the Major Arcana The Hanged Man is hanging in an uncertain situation. It means that no changes in your health are expected soon. If you get sick and cannot get well, the situation will remain the same. The hanged person on the card is tied up, deprived of the opportunity to act. Most likely, you also feel captivated by circumstances in which you cannot change anything. However, this is not true.

Take a look: the color palette of the card is positive, and a bright solar halo shines around the head of the hanged man, reminiscent of both wisdom and holiness. Therefore, the card suggests several ways out of the situation.

First, it is a lesson of humility and a test of patience. Sometimes life requires these qualities from us. If you manage to trust the Higher Forces and expect recovery with sincere faith and a positive mind, They will surely heal you.

Secondly, it is a call to look at the situation from a different angle. Look, the person on the card hangs upside down and extraordinarily sees everything! Changing the angle of view will surely bring you the insight that will shine in your head like the sun. And it will hint you a working way to healing the soul and body.

The Hanged Man Tarot card in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. The Hanged Man Tarot card symbolizes stagnation. If you are single now, this will not change anytime soon. Perhaps, due to external circumstances that you are unable to overcome physically. Or maybe you are morally stuck, obsessed with false beliefs and priorities. In any case, right now is the most appropriate time to rethink the situation and get rid of the ossified attitude. Why do you need a relationship, how do you want it to be, what is your ideal partner? The Universe gives you time to answer these questions.

Analysis of an existing relationship.

For those who are at the very beginning of a relationship or ask how a potential relationship with a particular person might develop. Major Arcana The Hanged Man brings two key ideas everywhere – uncertainty and stuckness. Accordingly, the relationship under the auspices of this card promises to be… strange. Perhaps it will be a relationship at a distance, or in conditions where one or both partners are bound by obligations with other people. There is no confidence in the future, no active development, but these relations still “bind” you, do not allow you to live fully. “Free” relationships in which you feel captivated. A relationship that requires you to sacrifice a lot. However, it is highly likely that it will become an important lesson for you and will change a lot in your worldview.

For settled couples, The Hanged Man Tarot card promises a period of stagnation, cooling of feelings. The relationship has reached an impasse, cannot move to a new level. Arcana advises to rethink these relationships, have a fresh look at them. Depending on the findings, you can make the right decision about what to do next. Besides, The Hanged Man can symbolize the onset of a period of new obligations to a partner. For example, you will need to take care of him because of his illness or provide your wife on maternity leave with money. In this case, you need that very humility and patience, which I mentioned above. By the way, our Moon Calendar contains everyday tips on improving love relationships. Find out more about it here >>

Major Arcana The Hanged Man about work, career, and business issues

If you are looking for a job, with The Hanged Man Tarot card, your search will be unsuccessful any time soon. Or, you will meet unstable employers who fool around with a bunch of interviews and test tasks, and as a result, disappear for good. But don’t be discouraged. You have two important tasks now. Firstly, think about the relevance of a job search. Perhaps this is not the most important thing now, and it is better to devote time to other areas of life? Secondly, try to change your approach to search. For example, edit your CV, register on the freelance platform, change the position for which you are applying.

Major Arcana The Hanged Man promises to employees an incomprehensible working period. The threat of layoffs, irregular pay is possible. A crisis, a suspension of projects, a deadlock in their activities await entrepreneurs. Lack of opportunities for development, inability to finish what was started. You feel captivated by evil circumstances, but think about it. Perhaps it’s time to find a new job or radically change the approach to existing activities?

The Hanged Man Tarot card about financial issues

Unfortunately, according to the Hanged Man Tarot card, your financial state will be stagnant and uncertain. You have no solid ground under your feet, no financial stability, no income growth. Also, the Major Arcana The Hanged Man is often interpreted as financial obligations – debts, loans, mortgages, etc. In this case, you will have to sacrifice your desires until you pay the required amount.

The card may indicate stagnation of finances due to your own limiting beliefs. In this case, they need to be changed, and the situation will change for the better.

The Hanged Man Major Arcana about travel

Since The Hanged Man is stuck in one place on the card, he does not predict any trips. Perhaps you planned a trip, but it was postponed or canceled due to external circumstances. If the trip does take place, there can be delays in transport and some uncertainty along the way. Do not be too nervous – these situations are sent to you by the Higher Forces to rethink your life. Use this time wisely!

It is much easier to rethink your path using the legacy of our ancestors’ knowledge. We have collected pieces of their wisdom in the Moon Calendar, which can help you find harmony with the Universe and yourself 👇

XIII. Death

Death Major Arcana meaning
Let go of what no longer serves you.

“When one door closes, another one opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”
– Alexander Graham Bell

Keywords: the end, completion, denouement, the law of nature, changes, new beginning, transition to a new stage, purification, oblivion

Vibrations frequency: transformation, liberation, goodbye, seeking peace, recovery, letting go

Death Major Arcana as a person’s characteristic:

If the Death Tarot card appears in the reading of the personality, do not be afraid. It does not mean that the person is angry or cruel. However, it can say that in the life of such a person, there were many losses, partings, mourning. The main meaning of this Arcana is the completion of something and the subsequent new beginning. Therefore, the described personality may be prone to inconstancy. Often leaving some projects and taking on others, quitting jobs, breaking off relationships, and so on. This lifestyle bears fruit in the form of varied experiences that make the personality more interesting and deep.

She was born with the wisdom of accepting the laws of life, and deep down, she understands perfectly well that any end = a new beginning. And also the fact that absolutely nothing lasts forever. Look at the card – before Death, everyone is equal, the old man and the child, the rich and the poor, the bishop and the warrior. There is the Lethe River in the background, symbolizing oblivion. And even the sun sets on the horizon so that a new day can be born tomorrow. According to this card, a person is not attached to anything or anyone excessively. She practices austerities and corresponding teachings. She is not a stranger to changes and the constant process of transformation, because of which she needs frequent calm rest and recovery.

Death Tarot card in health readings

You are probably very scared by the appearance of the Major Arcana Death in your health reading. I hasten to reassure you – there is no need to interpret what you see literally. Death Tarot card symbolizes, first of all, the end of a certain period of life, changes in this area. So, if before you were sick or felt a lack of strength, this Arcana promises you recovery and great health! Complete cleansing of the body, a period of rest and recuperation for new beginnings.

Besides, the Death card often means getting rid of bad habits, excess weight, insomnia, etc. If everything is great with your health and only healthy habits rule in your life, then this will also end and undergo changes. For example, you may stop attending the gym because it is closed, and this will affect your well-being. And yet, oddly enough, in this reading, the Death Tarot card can mean pregnancy! After all, the female body changes forever because of it ๐Ÿ™‚

By the way, did you know that it is easier to get rid of bad habits on the Waning Moon? You can find detailed tips about this in our LIVING BY MOON COURSE >>

Major Arcana Death in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. Major Arcana Death always brings change and completion, letting go of the past. So if you are still lonely, it won’t last long ๐Ÿ™‚ Very soon, you will say goodbye to your loneliness and forget about it. The card predicts new acquaintances and desired relationships. If Death appeared as advice on improving your love life, you should free yourself from past relationships in your head, thereby clearing a place for new ones.

Analysis of an existing relationship.

For those who are at the very beginning of a relationship or ask how a potential relationship with a particular person might develop. In such a reading, the Death Tarot card can have two meanings. First, this relationship will radically change your life and make you finally say goodbye to your past and forget about it. In this case, it can be a happy, strong relationship – additional cards are needed to understand their essence. And the second meaning of Death is that the relationship is hopeless, and they already end before they have really begun.

As for settled couples, the appearance of the Major Arcana Death is most often unambiguous: unfortunately, your connection has exhausted itself. Death promises breakup, divorce, goodbye forever. There may be more positive options, but in any case, your relationship will never be the same.

Death Tarot card about work, career, and business issues

For those who could not get a job for a long time or were, for example, on maternity leave, Death symbolizes the end of the unemployed period. Shortly, the situation will change, and you will definitely get a job. Will it be good? However, this Arcana does not give any details.

Those who are already employed will also face dramatic changes in the opposite direction. Dismissal, retirement, break up with the business partners. In a milder version – the end of work on a specific project, with a specific client. Death Tarot card often brings instability, chaos, turmoil to the workflow. However, remember that this Arcana contains the wisdom of natural law. Any ending is a new beginning. And most often, the completion of the Death card entails something more promising and successful for you.

For entrepreneurs asking about the success of a particular project, Death says that it will not be implemented as it stands. And advises making a choice: abandon it or make fundamental changes.

Death Major Arcana about financial issues

Since the Death Tarot card speaks of the end of one or another stage in life, its prediction strongly depends on your current situation. So, if you had a period of lack of money and financial instability, Death promises you an improvement, an increase in income, and abundance. If before you were lucky with money, the situation, unfortunately, will also change. You can lose your previous source of income, your savings. However, do not despair. Remember, the ends are prerequisites for new beginnings. And new beginnings are the path of your development.

Death Tarot card about travel

Do not be afraid of the Major Arcana Death in your travel reading. In the worst case, it can mean the postponement of the trip for an indefinite period or its complete cancellation. And in the best scenario, the dramatic changes that this trip will bring to your life. For example, you can find new friends on this journey and change your usual social circle. Or maybe you decide to stay and live in another country forever.

Letting go of the past is inevitable. The Moon shared this wisdom with us – she has a period of purification and letting go in each her cycle. Enlist her support to overcome difficult periods of life easier and more harmoniously 👇

XIV. Temperance

Temperance Major Arcana meaning
Be patient: your wishes are about to come true.

โ€œWe tend to forget that baby steps still move you forward.”
– Unknown Author

Keywords: the golden mean, compromise, reconciliation, conflict resolution, favorable resolution of issues, circulation of energy in the Universe, the commonwealth of spirit and matter, support of Higher Forces, the passage of time, gradualness, mitigation of contradictions

Vibrations frequency: harmony, measured rhythm, patience, balance, integrity, freedom, health, acceptance

Temperance Major Arcana as a person’s characteristic:

The archetype of the Temperance Tarot card is the Angel of Time, solar genius, guide of souls. Take a look at the card: the bright angel is depicted on it, with the sun on his forehead and the sign of the friendship of spirit and matter on his chest. The person it describes is the same: pure in soul, kind, gentle, wise, beautiful. In short, an angel in the flesh ๐Ÿ™‚ She is a great friend and partner who will always support, help, compromise. Gentle, delicate, diplomatic in communication.

Major Arcana Temperance indicates a harmonious personality who has found its golden mean and is not inclined to rush to extremes. Patience, adaptability, and optimism help her get everything she wants – both in a relationship and in a professional field. She has the gift of resolving conflicts, can be a talented psychologist, teacher, mediator. The energy of such a person is warm and light. By her mere presence, she can make others happier. And also, if you asked about the role of this person in your life, you met her for a reason. The Higher Forces sent her to you as support. She is your Guardian Angel.

Temperance Tarot card in health readings

Temperance Tarot card is a very positive card that promises the solution of all problems, finding harmony and happiness. So, when it appears in your health reading, rejoice! This Arcana will help to heal even the most serious illnesses. The solar angel will fulfill your desire, but there is one important nuance. Temperance is not about quick, miraculous changes. It manifests its magic gradually, step by step, requires patience and faith from a person.

If you do not have health problems, the Temperance Major Arcana promises you excellent health in the future. The time of his reign is successful for developing a strategy for proper nutrition, workouts schedule. It will happily help balance sleep, daily timetable, and self-care routines.

Major Arcana Temperance in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. Temperance Tarot Card is your Angel-Cupid. He is already watching you and is working on the realization of your desires ๐Ÿ˜‰ However, it takes time to perform any task qualitatively. Be patient and accept the simple truth: everything has its time. And the best love will come to you – Temperance guarantees!

Analysis of an existing relationship.

For those who are at the very beginning of a relationship or ask how a potential relationship with a particular person might develop. Relationships under the auspices of the Temperance Tarot card is the perfect relationship! Harmony and balance will reign in your union. The relationships will be stable, reliable, long-term. Their foundation is unconditional love and complete acceptance of the partner as he is. Mature feelings, in which there are no violent passions and idealization of each other. Both partners see each other’s weaknesses and do not try to change them. Tenderness, care, respect, which only grow over the years.

For settled couples, Major Arcana Temperance promises a bright and warm period in a relationship. These are the days in which you enjoy the everyday little things that all life is woven from. Calm, measured mode; tenderness, care, support. Perhaps you have already passed the candy-bouquet period and assimilation stage, and you finally discovered the miracle of real mature love. If you have had quarrels, conflicts before, you will make peace. You will be able to find a compromise and smooth out all the contradictions.

Temperance Tarot card about work, career, and business issues

Temperance Tarot card is the help of the Higher Forces in resolving any issues and fulfilling desires. For the unemployed, this means that you can find a job that matches your criteria, values, and priorities. However, this will not happen overnight. Show patience, and your goal will be achieved.

For the already employed ones, Major Arcana Temperance promises a pleasant work atmosphere. If there were conflicts in the team, they will be resolved in the best way. Your stress levels will decrease, and you will enter a phase of steady progress. This card does not promise quick success but will gladly lead you to it gradually. For this, you should show diligence and planning. Plus, Temperance is favorable for finally finding that work-life balance.

All of the above is also true for entrepreneurs. Patient, stable, and regular work on your projects will lead to business expansion and increased profits over time. Good period to heal workaholism, learn how to delegate, and create a comfortable work schedule.

Temperance Major Arcana about financial issues

Major Arcana Temperance is, in fact, very kind and generous. But… it doesn’t like spenders. So by appearing in your financial reading, it calls you to avoid unnecessary spending. At the same time, those people who demonstrate thrift, planning, and financial awareness will be rewarded. The reward from this Arcana comes gradually, but it is guaranteed and stable. Besides, Temperance loves wise investments – in education, health, business. Such an investment will surely pay off over time.

Temperance Tarot card about travel

Major Arcana Temperance brings goodness, warmth, and light wherever it appears. The planned trips will be calm, favorable, and harmonious. In case you’re dreaming of an expensive trip that you can’t afford yet, be patient, and keep saving as planned. Temperance will help you to realize your cherished desire! And please, try to be moderate in your spending on this trip (see the paragraph about money ;)).

Temperance Tarot Card well understands one truth: everything has its time. Do you know who else is as wise? The Moon! Its cyclical nature and constancy help us move towards our goals in a measured and calm manner. If you want to know more, take a look at our Moon Calendar 👇

XV. The Devil

The Devil Major Arcana meaning
Warning! Resist temptation!

โ€œToo good isnโ€™t good too.”
– English Proverb

Keywords: temptation, addiction, dark side, indulging in vices, sins, submission, enemy, bondage, obstacles, crime, immorality

Vibrations frequency: loss of self-control, obsession, selfishness, anger, hatred, envy, lust, greed, immoderation, gluttony, insatiability

The Devil Tarot card as a person’s characteristic:

When The Devil Tarot card appears in the personality reading, we’re talking about a person with a bad temper. His main negative trait is a lack of self-control and inability to keep his weaknesses under control. As a result, he becomes hostage to his own vices. Can actively show anger, hatred, envy, greed, cruelty. But this behavior is always based on an obsessive addiction to something or someone. Look, the shackles and chains present on the card for a reason.

In fact, every person has weaknesses – a favorite cheat-mil, an interesting computer game, dear girlfriends’ squad… The only difference is that a healthy person consciously controls the satisfaction of his needs, knows his measure. Distinctive features of The Devil are insatiability, immoderation. This is how cute pleasures turn into hard addictions. Such a person may suffer from codependent relationships, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, be a workaholic, shopaholic, and so on, and so force.

When dealing with such a person, especially if he is important to you, show sympathy. Understand that he is a prisoner, not a villain. If he manages to take control of his vices and regain the former freedom, his temper will change for the better.

The Devil Major Arcana in health readings

Major Arcana The Devil in your health reading is a wake-up call. Whatever you overuse, stop immediately! Otherwise, you will no longer be able to influence it soon. Be careful, practice temperance in everything, and let common sense guide you. Unfortunately, The Devil portends a deterioration in health and a traumatic period of life. But the positive thing is that you can avoid it by maintaining a sober mind.

Major Arcana The Devil in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. The appearance of The Devil Tarot card in your love reading can indicate your obsession with finding a mate. In this case, the desire has turned into a mad addiction, and you should get rid of it. Also, The Devil may talk about promiscuous sexual relationships that prevent you from arranging your love life. Or hinting at a new acquaintance that can make you lose your mind and drag you into unhealthy relationships.

Analysis of an existing relationship.

For those who are at the very beginning of a relationship or ask how a potential relationship with a particular person might develop. Relationships under the auspices of the Major Arcana The Devil is an insane, fatal passion. This person becomes your drug, and you are ready to do anything for him as a real drug addict. The Devil marks unhealthy relationships with tyranny, abuse, violence, cheating, the presence of sexual perversions. Such a relationship exacerbates the weaknesses of both partners, indulging their vices and, in the end, can destroy you from the inside.

For settled couples, the Major Arcana The Devil is a harbinger of problems. Your partner, or maybe both of you, cannot resist temptation. It is not necessarily cheating and love triangles. These temptations can be different, but they all lead to a significant deterioration in the relationship. For example, “innocent” workaholism, because of which partners do not see each other. Or a mother fixated on the child so much that she does not devote any time to her husband. In more severe manifestations, The Devil, of course, can mean drunkenness, drug addiction, and even domestic violence.

The Devil Tarot card about work, career, and business issues

For the unemployed, The Devil Tarot card may appear as a warning: do not chase easy money. You can become a victim of fraudsters, find a job in a financial pyramid, or donate energy and money to someone’s wallet. There are many offers of quick and easy money on the internet now, but not all of them give what they promise. The second meaning of The Devil is the start of work in a company associated with the exploitation of human vices: casinos, betting, dating, alcohol trade, etc.

For those who are already employed, The Devil awaits at the workplace. In this case, it may indicate the use of illegal schemes in a legitimate business, in which you will be directly or indirectly involved. In addition, the bad behavior of colleagues and bosses are possible: slander, deception, fraud, unhealthy corporate games.

The Devil Major Arcana advises entrepreneurs to stay away from illegal business practices. And also, from tempting offers that are too good to be true. The deals and contracts made during this period will probably disappoint you and get you into trouble. By the way, our Business Moon Calendar has tips for every day. It contains successful dates for any business transaction and days on which it is best not to enter into any agreements. Learn more here >>

The Devil Tarot card about financial issues

The lust for money is one of the human vices, and The Devil skillfully plays with it. This Major Arcana warns you once again: all that glitters is not gold. During this period, you have a high chance of becoming a puppet in the hands of swindlers. If someone promises you fabulous income – please don’t get fooled! At this time, it is better not to gamble in a casino, place bets, invest in dubious companies, as well as take loans and debt obligations. A moment’s weakness can turn into not only complete bankruptcy but also bondage for decades.

Major Arcana The Devil about travel

As you may have guessed, The Devil Tarot card doesn’t bode well. Its only pros are that you can take advantage of the warning and avoid negative developments. So, on this journey, anything can happen, to which human vices can lead. For example, you can get so drunk that you wake up to find that all your belongings have been stolen from you. And if you can still control yourself, then no one is immune from the negative manifestations of the people around you. So, be on the lookout and know your measure. It is not in vain that the Higher Forces have endowed people with the gift of awareness – use it.

Living more consciously is easier by learning from the mistakes of our ancestors. They have accumulated the necessary experience and knowledge about the Universe that can help you. We have collected grains of their wisdom in the Moon Calendar, which gives everyday tips in all areas of life 👇

XVI. The Tower

The Tower Major Arcana meaning
Whatever happens, happens for the best.

โ€œEvery cloud has a silver lining.”
– English Proverb

Keywords: collapse, destruction, abrupt changes, transformation, liberation, irreversible fatal events, disaster, drama, bitter truth

Vibrations frequency: shock, pain, disappointment, the collapse of illusions, fear, sorrowful thoughts, tears


Major Arcana The Tower is the most unfavorable in the deck. Its main meaning lies in the unexpected and forced destruction of what a person is senselessly attached to. I want to emphasize that even this card does not wish humans any harm. Higher Forces always lead us to happiness. And when They see us desperately clinging to something unhealthy and obsolete, They have no choice but to take it away by force. At this moment, of course, we are shocked and inconsolable – we do not understand how this can be good.

Therefore, if you want to avoid the appearance of The Tower in your readings, do not give the Higher Forces a reason. Get rid of everything unhealthy, unnecessary, irrelevant in time and on your own. Or at least be ready for it. Then The Tower will not cause such strong negative emotions in you, and you will be able to appreciate the beauty of liberation from the fetters of the past.

The Tower Major Arcana as a person’s characteristic:

If The Tower Tarot card appears in the personality reading, the person described is prone to destruction. As you already understood, destruction is an integral part of life, and it can be used for the common good. If such a person can channel his strength in a positive direction, he will become a conductor of transformations on earth. All the great revolutionaries and reformers were such people. There are simpler options: demolishing old buildings, boxing, or even helping people lose weight. In the case when the destructive energy remains unused, this personality is extremely unstable, cruel, and aggressive – both towards others and towards himself.

The Tower Tarot card in health readings

If the Major Arcana The Tower appeared in your health reading, it may bring abrupt, fatal changes to this area of life, accompanied by deep feelings. But don’t be pre-set for the worst. Firstly, a specific prediction can be given only by seeing adjacent cards. Secondly, remember that The Tower always destroys what you don’t need. It can even suddenly heal you and fulfill your dream of recovery. The whole sadness here is more likely not in WHAT it will do, but in HOW it will happen. You need wisdom and trust in the Higher Forces to accept the truth. In our turn, we can help you by sharing the centuries-old astrological wisdom contained in our Health Moon Calendar >>

Major Arcana The Tower in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. You are in luck! It is one of the few positions where The Tower Tarot card has a positive meaning. Since this Arcana destroys everything and everywhere, now it is ready to destroy your loneliness ๐Ÿ™‚ Very soon, drastic changes will occur in your love life – an unexpected acquaintance, or maybe several acquaintances are waiting for you.

Analysis of an existing relationship.

For those who are at the very beginning of a relationship or ask how a potential relationship with a particular person might develop. A relationship under the auspices of The Tower is a very bad idea. Partners literally destroy each other, themselves, and their connection day after day. These relationships either will not last long or, on the contrary, will turn into a dramatic epic “breakup – reunion – breakup – reunion …” Quarrels, scandals, negative experiences, of course, can teach you something. But maybe it’s not worth it?

For settled couples. Major Arcana The Tower, alas, intends to ruin your relationship. Before you suffer, think about it: are they really worth fighting for? Scandals, quarrels occur with this card, illusory ideas about a partner collapse. The bitter truth leads to a sudden break in the relationship. A painful divorce is possible.

Major Arcana The Tower about work, career, and business issues

For unemployed people in active search, The Tower Tarot card can answer with refuses on interviews. In this case, its goal is to destroy your illusions and help you choose the right path: another company, another position, or maybe another profession.

For those already employed, the situation is worse. Major Arcana The Tower promises conflicts in the team, quarrels with superiors, scandal dismissals. The situation will seem extremely unfavorable to you, but it is still good. It seems like it’s high time for you to leave this place and find something much better.
The Tower card helps entrepreneurs in its own way – it breaks ties with unsuitable partners, closes unpromising projects. Of course, the collapse of what you believed in always hurts. But it is better to understand the truth early and quickly start something new that will be more successful.

The Tower Tarot card about financial issues

Major Arcana The Tower can bring bankruptcy, financial ruin, loss of property – if you had it, of course. If so, show wisdom and accept the fact that The Tower has set you free. Perhaps you were too attached to material values and did not value truly valuable things.
In a milder version, or when you do not have wealth that you are afraid of losing, the card predicts disappointment in a certain source of income. But that’s okay: you can find a new and much better one.

The Tower Major Arcana about travel

If The Tower Tarot card appears in the travel reading, most likely, your travels will be canceled. And Thanks to the Higher Forces for this! You don’t need to go there. Have you heard the stories of people who missed that plane on September 11? Whatever happens, happens for the best. Let go of the unnecessary. Trust the Higher Forces. And may light and love be with you.

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XVII. The Star

The Star Major Arcana meaning
Your cherished dream comes true!

โ€œEvery great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.โ€
โ€“ Harriet Tubman

Keywords: dream, faith, hope, goal, talent, giftedness, opportunities, a chance to prove oneself, luck, vision, perspective, renewal, the help of Higher Forces, connection with the higher self

Vibrations frequency: inspiration, a burst of strength, second wind, anticipation, excitement, fortitude, a backbone

The Star Tarot card as a person’s characteristic:

When The Star Tarot card appears in a personality reading, the person described is very talented and gifted. It often points to creativity, realization in art, the ability to become famous. Most of the time, such a person is full of inspiration and creative energy. Also, she has a backbone, a belief in a dream that leads her through all setbacks and difficulties. This person is under the auspices of the Higher Forces, and they give her the opportunity to express herself and be realized. However, there is a flip side to the coin. Such a person can easily get hung up on her dream and, in pursuit of it, not notice the valuable things that she already has. She is very romantic and, falling in love, tends to idealize her partner.

The Star Major Arcana in health readings

Major Arcana The Star in your health reading is a wonderful sign. This card promises hope even in a hopeless situation. The Star symbolizes the fulfillment of any desires, Miracles, the help of the Higher Forces. If you are suffering from a disease, even the most severe, The Star will easily heal you. But only on the condition that you sincerely want it.

If you don’t have any health problems, you won’t have them in the future. The Star gives strength to the body, a second wind in case you are exhausted or emotionally burned out. It will gladly relieve you of apathetic and depressive states and, with her bright light, highlight what you should live for.

Major Arcana The Star in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. So, The Star Tarot card is the executor of human desires. Therefore, it will be very good if you clearly visualize the partner of your dreams. In this case, the right acquaintance will not keep you waiting ๐Ÿ˜‰

Analysis of an existing relationship.

For those who are at the very beginning of a relationship or ask how a potential relationship with a particular person might develop. Relationships under the auspices of the Major Arcana The Star is a very romantic relationship. It is full of tenderness, flowers, poetry, exaltation, and idealization of a partner. Such a relationship may be similar to the relationship of medieval knights with their “courtly love.” Feats in the name of platonic love are not uncommon with The Star card. In this case, it does not guarantee a strong and lasting union. After all, by idealizing a partner, we deceive ourselves, and reality can greatly disappoint us. But there is a second version of the interpretation of The Star. It may mean that this relationship is the embodiment of your cherished dream. Or that this partner will fulfill all your desires. Or maybe both of this ๐Ÿ™‚

For settled couples, The Star Tarot card brings a happy and bright period. If you had a fight and negativity reigned in the relationship before, the situation will improve significantly. You will make peace and become closer – and perhaps someone else will help you with this. For example, a family psychologist. If everything was OK in your relationship, it gets even better. Your love will have a second wind; passion and romance will return. And of course, if you and your partner have a joint desire or goal, you will achieve it ๐Ÿ™‚

The Star Tarot card about work, career, and business issues

Those who are actively looking for a job will soon receive a job offer. It’s even better if you know exactly what kind of job you want to find. Remember that Major Arcana The Star makes wishes and dreams come true. The more detailed you are about your perfect place of work, the more The Star can do for you.
It’s the same with entrepreneurs. If you have a detailed vision of the development of your business, The Star will bring it to life – no matter how fantastic it may seem. But even in the case when there is no clear picture of the future in your head, The Star promises to expand the business, increase profits, give promising goals and projects.

For working employees, this card will help gain recognition and authority in the team, give the chances of promotion and salary increases. It should be noted that The Star Tarot card especially pampers people of creative professions. She guarantees them an inexhaustible source of inspiration and the success of their dreams.

Major Arcana The Star about financial issues

Major Arcana The Star is very auspicious in any reading. After all, it is the only one in the deck that gives an unambiguous answer “YES!” to the question about the fulfillment of desire ๐Ÿ™‚ So, in terms of finance, everything will be fine for you. No problems and losses are foreseen for sure. On the contrary, you have every chance to increase your income. Good luck accompanies you, the Higher Forces send assistants. Your only task is to accept this help.

The Star Tarot card about travel

The Star Tarot card promises you not just a successful journey, but a real journey of your dreams. Circumstances will work in your favor, a trip will inspire and energize you. It is perfect for absolutely any kind of travel: lazy vacation, research, study, business trip, pilgrimage, and, especially, touring.

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XVIII. The Moon

The Moon Major Arcana meaning
Try to find the truth among illusions.

โ€œThe only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you.โ€
โ€“ Tom Bradley

Keywords: wandering, doubts, self-sabotage, the other world, subconsciousness, illusions, self-deception, lies, intuition, prophetic dreams, empathy, ulterior motives, secrets, influence, phobias

Vibrations frequency: uncertainty, melancholy, nightmares, fears, premonitions, sensitivity, depression, suggestibility

The Moon Major Arcana as a person’s characteristic:

When the Major Arcana The Moon appears in the reading of a personality, the person described is very sensitive, talented, endowed with a rich imagination. This card depicts the Moon, as well as the element of water. Accordingly, there is a high probability that we are talking about Cancer or Pisces according to the Zodiac Sign, or about the Reflector according to Human Design. One way or another, this person is very empathic, intuitive, and has a connection with more subtle worlds. With inner strength, she can achieve tremendous success in the creative professions, psychology, esotericism, astrology, and even healing and clairvoyance. In turn, her developed ability to empathize makes her a valuable friend and partner in love.

However, if the personality does not have an inner strength, if she has lost its bearings and is disappointed in values… everything can be much worse. You’ve probably heard that genius borders on insanity. It is just about such a person. Increased sensitivity and suggestibility can result in mental illness. Such a person needs to find support for which she can hold on to in the ocean of emotions, visions, other people’s energies. The Lunar Calendar can become such support, helping an individual to get the power of her patron – the Moon. Learn more about living by Moon here >>

The Moon Tarot card in health readings

The Moon Tarot card symbolizes the human psyche, his subconscious, unconscious processes. Unfortunately, very often we live unconsciously and do not understand these processes. And this, in turn, is fraught not only with mental disorders, depression, and insomnia but also with psychosomatic diseases.

Appearing in your health reading, The Moon encourages you to become aware of your unconscious part and learn to control it. Now you need to get rid of illusions and see the truth with a sober look. If you do not do this, you will soon provoke a deterioration in your health with your own hands. And if you are already sick, you only aggravate your condition by following the negative emotions.

Major Arcana The Moon in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. For singles who are looking for a mate, The Moon Tarot card advises to be very careful. Do not rush to fall in love and get closer to those you meet during this period. It may happen that you do not have enough time to learn them better. And then, for example, it turns out that your beloved is married or an alcoholic.

Analysis of an existing relationship.

For those who are at the very beginning of a relationship or ask how a potential relationship with a particular person might develop. Relationships under the auspices of the Major Arcana The Moon are difficult relationships. They are often over-emotional, which results in frequent quarrels, scandals, or blinding, insane passion. Since The Moon testifies to illusions and deception, partners in such a relationship may have ulterior motives. Secrets, manipulations, lies, cheating, love triangles. How long such relations will last and whether they will be formalized, The Moon does not say. And also, with The Moon Tarot card, there is a relationship that exists only in the head of the questioner. Think about it, isn’t all this an illusion?

Long-standing couples are also facing a difficult period. Disputes, quarrels, scandals are possible. Most likely, they will be associated with some illusions and hidden facts. It’s not necessarily about cheating, but it can be. If both of you value your union, you should talk honestly with each other and draw reasonable conclusions from what you hear.

Major Arcana The Moon about work, career, and business issues

Those who want to find a job, according to The Moon Tarot card, will not have the most successful period. Most likely, you will not receive a job offer in the near future. And if you do, then there is a high probability of becoming a victim of scammers. The Moon signals that you are now easily suggested and are in the captivity of illusions. They prevent you from seeing the true reasons for your failures and adjusting your search strategy in the right direction.

Major Arcana The Moon warns current employees of deception and intrigue at the workplace. You probably have enemies in the professional field. Not open competitors but those that attack surreptitiously. Behind your back, they can create situations that hinder your success. Be careful, try to evaluate the situation with a sober mind, and then you can handle it.

It is also relevant for entrepreneurs. It seems that you have lost control of the development of your projects, trusted dishonest partners, or sabotaged success yourself. Of course, all this results in business failures. But don’t be discouraged. Find the truth and continue to act with awareness – you can do it!

The Moon Tarot card about financial issues

Illusions and deceit, which are on the heels of the Major Arcana Moon, have an impact on your financial situation. Perhaps you have fallen into self-deception and count your chicken before they hatch. According to this card, you shouldn’t rely on the money that you haven’t received yet. In the worst case, there is a threat of contacting scammers and losing money. When it comes to money, be super careful. Avoid big purchases until The Moon leaves your financial reading.

The Moon Major Arcana about travel

Sometimes The Moon Tarot card can hint at an upcoming journey. Look – the road, depicted on it, is long enough to go into another world. And in this case, there is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, you can go on a very long trip, and get acquainted with a completely different culture, discover a lot of new things. Just do not forget about the possibility of illusions, suggestions, and lies. Be wary, double-check the facts. And most importantly – do not engage in self-sabotage, deliberately-subconsciously getting into problems. It’s high time to deal with your subconscious!

The Moon controls our subconsciousness, emotions, feelings, desires, fears… She has a huge impact on all living matter on earth. And it is a great happiness that people were able to study this influence and share their knowledge with subsequent generations. We have collected astrological wisdom in the Moon Calendar and adapted it to modern life for your convenience 👇

XIX. The Sun

The Sun Major Arcana meaning
Happiness is here and now!

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”
โ€”Omar Khayyam

Keywords: a significant happy event, the bright side of life, greenlight, pleasant surprises, gifts of Higher Forces, prosperity, abundance, the fullness of life, rebirth, the ability not to create problems for yourself

Vibrations frequency: happiness, comfort, joy, enjoyment of life, carelessness, calmness, ease, non-obsession, safety, confidence in the future

The Sun Tarot card as a person’s characteristic:

When The Sun Tarot card appears in the reading of the personality, we are talking about the beautiful in all respects, sunny person. He is happy, knows how to enjoy life, and charges those around him with this joy. Such a person is handsome, bright, charismatic, and attracts attention wherever he appears. The owner of a passionate temper, active, cheerful. One of the secrets of his optimistic disposition is the ability to focus on the good and not create problems for himself. He lives easily, playfully, with inspiration. Often such individuals are endowed with creative, constructive abilities.

The personality of the Major Arcana The Sun is not burdened with almost any fears and doubts. Take a look at the card: a naked child happily rides a horse. He is protected from all dangers by the stone wall behind him. He has all the necessary resources in the form of blooming sunflowers. The person described by this card also feels completely safe and prosperous. Sometimes this manifests itself in carelessness, which can irritate others. But otherwise, this is a wonderful friend and loving, sincere partner.

The Sun Major Arcana in health readings

Major Arcana The Sun is so favorable that there is even nothing to write about it. Naturally, it bestows complete healing on all who were sick. He makes healthy people even healthier, fills them with vitality and energy. Under the auspices of The Sun, you and your health are completely safe, moreover, you are absolutely happy!

Major Arcana The Sun in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. Your loneliness will end soon. Tarot card The Sun carries with it the fullness of life when a person is satisfied with all its areas. So, The Sun will deal with your love sphere so that you will be able to give it the highest score.

Analysis of an existing relationship.

For those who are at the very beginning of a relationship or ask how a potential relationship with a particular person might develop. Relationships under the auspices of the Major Arcana The Sun are happy relationships. A gorgeous union, full of trust, warmth, and mutual understanding. Unclouded happiness. The feeling that this relationship gives you everything you need. Interesting to talk, convenient in a household, romance and passion are present. Strong, long-term relationships.

The Sun also brings happiness to settled couples. Even if you had dark times, here comes the dawn! Everything will be fine now. And even better! After all, The Sun Tarot card indicates the forthcoming of significant happy events. For example, a wedding, buying the house, or the birth of a baby. After all, it’s not for nothing that a child appears on this card ๐Ÿ™‚

The Sun Tarot card about work, career, and business issues

Unemployed job seekers with The Sun Tarot card will get the best job offer soon. Everything will happen without hassle and worries, and you will surely enjoy your new place of work.

For the employed, The Sun promises significant career achievements, full realization, success in any endeavors. Excellent working conditions, friendly coworkers, decent wages await you.

Entrepreneurs will also do better. The Sun gives you every chance for a long-term, steadily growing profit.

Major Arcana The Sun about financial issues

As I wrote above, the child on the card has all the necessary resources. And you will find yourself in the same situation because the Major Arcana The Sun smiled at you! Any deals and purchases in the near future will be successful. You have enough money to satisfy your desires, and you can be confident in your future ๐Ÿ™‚

The Sun Tarot card about travel

Well, what else can I say, except that everything will be great with your travels? The Sun Tarot card brings you HAPPINESS! Everywhere and Always. HOORAY!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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XX. Judgement

Judgement Major Arcana meaning
Say Yes to change – it will bring you happiness.

“I no longer feared the darkness once I knew the phoenix in me would rise from the ashes.โ€
– William C. Hannan.

Keywords: rising from the ashes, Miracle, transformation, changes for the better, completion of a difficult stage and transition to a new one, good news, summing up, the need to make an important decision

Vibrations frequency: mental and physical health, peace of mind, renewal, liberation, healing, salvation, transformation

Judgement Major Arcana as a person’s characteristic:

Judgment Tarot card symbolizes The Last Judgment, the key idea of which is the raising of the dead so they can receive eternal bliss as a reward for a righteous life. And although eternal torment for sinners is also mentioned in the original, This Major Arcana does not contain the idea of punishment. The personality described by this card is like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Whatever difficulties he has to endure, he does it steadfastly and proudly. He is a determined, courageous person who is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone.

Thanks to this, each subsequent stage of his life is better than the previous one. Every transition from stage to stage is accompanied by an internal transformation, so the person is constantly evolving and developing. And if you are interested in what role this person plays in your life, then he is your reward. Higher Forces sent him to you to resurrect you from the ashes of your past troubles and help you move to a qualitatively new level of life.

Judgement Tarot card in health readings

Judgement Major Arcana is a scene of the literal resurrection of the dead. Accordingly, it grants healing from all past illnesses, even the most severe ones. Your health will definitely change for the better if you fulfill the condition of the card. Judgement always speaks of some important decision that a person must make. Most often, its essence is to decide to change your life, to let go of the past. Of course, this decision is individual for each person, but one thing is the same for everyone. If you take a decisive step towards change, the Judgement Tarot card will reward you with mental and physical health for a long time to come.

Major Arcana Judgement in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. Happy changes come to life with the Major Arcana Judgement. Most likely, you will find a mate soon. However, remember that this card requires you to realize your mistakes and do some painstaking work on yourself. Only by drawing the necessary conclusions from the past, you will find happy love.

Analysis of an existing relationship.

For those who are at the very beginning of a relationship or ask how a potential relationship with a particular person might develop. A relationship under the auspices of Judgement Tarot card can be transformative for both partners. People in such relationships contribute to the development and growth of each other. Such a couple can survive many difficulties and obstacles, and maintain their feelings. Unfortunately, or fortunately, they will surely have difficulties and obstacles. Lovers may have to make many important decisions and often change something – for example, their place of residence. But in old age, looking back on their entire difficult path, they will not regret anything and will experience sincere gratitude for everything that helped them evolve.

For settled couples, the Tarot card Judgement promises a transition of relations to a new level. For example, the first intimacy, the beginning of living together, the wedding, the birth of a child. It is a happy change, so the reconciliation awaits the quarreling lovers. It is worth recalling again that the Judgement requires some effort in exchange for its gifts. Most of all, these efforts are related to rethinking, self-reflection, analysis of their previous behavior in relationships. Besides, the Major Arcana Judgement can predict the need to make an important decision for both partners together. Do not be afraid of this – the Judgment card brings happiness, and if you show determination, you can get it.

Major Arcana Judgement about work, career, and business issues

For the unemployed job seekers. Tarot card Judgement, in its usual manner, invites you to make some important decision that guarantees you successful employment. You may have already figured out which decision we are talking about. And if not, be attentive to the signs and opportunities that the Higher Forces throw up at you in the near future. You should agree to change your life – it’s 100% for the better.

For those already employed, the meaning of the Major Arcana Judgement remains the same. You have every chance of a promotion, salary increase, and more interesting work tasks. To get it all, don’t hold on to the past and be open to everything new. The Judgement can also mean a change of place of work, position.
For entrepreneurs, this card gives excellent prospects for business development. Scaling, increasing profits, and brand awareness in the market. The condition for receiving all these gifts is to decide to transform.

Judgement Tarot card about financial issues

Judgement Tarot card does not say anything about money. It relates more to the spiritual, subtle world than to the material one. It just tells us that income growth is a consequence of our inner work on ourselves. Perhaps shortly, you will receive offers that could potentially improve your financial situation. In this case, no matter how comfortable you are in your past, you should decide to change. Otherwise, you will miss the opportunity to find the abundance that the Higher Powers give you.

Judgement Major Arcana about travel

Major Arcana Judgement is always ready for changes and transformations because this is its whole point. A change of scenery, of course, is also welcome. This trip can resurrect you from the ashes of your tiredness, apathy, sadness; help let go of the past. And, of course, it can put you in front of making an important decision, which Judgement always talks about. Open up to the transition to a new stage of life – it promises to be a happy one! ๐Ÿ™‚

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XXI. The World

The World Major Arcana meaning
And they lived happily ever after.

โ€œHe who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.โ€
โ€“ Marcus Aurelius.

Keywords: harmony of the Universe, newfound paradise, purpose, vocation, ikigai, goal achievement, completion of a long journey, happy ending, picture completion, communication, travel

Vibrations frequency: peace, deep satisfaction, being yourself, finding yourself and your perfect spot, integrity, the fullness of life, the sense of life

The World Tarot card as a person’s characteristic:

The World Tarot card is the last in the deck, not in vain. It represents the idea of the completion of a long journey, the integrity of the picture, the fullness of life, the fulfillment of destiny. It is not surprising that the personality described by this Arcana is surprisingly holistic and harmonious. This person has found, understood, and accepted his essence and lives in complete harmony with himself and the world.

He is exactly where he should be, fulfilling his purpose day after day. Such a person knows the sense of his life. He is engaged in the business, which is called ikigai. This wise, free, kind person is a real gift from heaven for everyone with whom he communicates. And by the way, most often such individuals love and know how to communicate with a variety of people. And also – to travel the world, learning new things and sharing their insights with others.

The World Tarot card in health readings

Congratulations! The most favorable card of the deck has appeared to you ๐Ÿ™‚ Major Arcana The World does not just promise good health and a surge of vitality. It carries the idea of a happy ending, successful completion of the path. Therefore, even if negative cards are present next to The World, it suppresses their energy. It seems to be saying: โ€œDespite all, everything will end great! And they will live happily ever after…” So, whatever ailments you suffer, The World will heal you. If you had a long treatment course, here is the end of your difficulties. Every organ, every cell of your body will perform its functions perfectly in harmony with the rest. After all, this is exactly what nature intended.

Major Arcana The World in relationship readings

Love readings for singles. The word loneliness is the opposite of The World card. After all, this card testifies to the fullness of life, harmony, integrity. You will definitely no longer feel lonely. With The World Tarot card, you will not only be able to start a romantic relationship, but you will also find your so-called soulmate!

Analysis of an existing relationship.

For those who are at the very beginning of a relationship or ask how a potential relationship with a particular person might develop. Relationships under the auspices of the Major Arcana The World is a relationship of many people’s dreams. The union of two kindred souls walking together through grief and joy. In such a relationship, true love, absolute harmony, mutual trust, and support reign. A distinctive feature of this union is precisely the spiritual closeness that binds people forever. Together they are a single omnipotent organism, whole and beautiful.

The World Tarot card also brings a lot of happiness, love, interesting and sincere communication, joint adventures to long-established couples. Those who were in a quarrel will definitely get together. Both of you will move to a new level of intimacy and openness with each other.

The World Tarot card about work, career, and business issues

Those who are looking for a job, with Major Arcana The World will surely find it. Moreover, this will not be just a way to make money, but the true realization of your destiny. Therefore, do not be afraid to retrain and do something from scratch. If The World card leads you along this path, this is the most harmonious and happy path for you.

For those already employed, The World promises a feeling of happiness and professional fulfillment, excellent relationships in a team like a happy family. Career growth, salary increases, and most importantly – the feeling that you are in your perfect spot.

The card gives an equally excellent forecast to entrepreneurs. A very successful period awaits you for concluding transactions, signing contracts, scaling up your business. Business trips and opening branches in other cities and countries, attracting foreign investments are also possible.

The World Tarot card about financial issues

The World Tarot card symbolizes the feeling of full satisfaction and absolute harmony. So, this Arcana promises you an ideal financial situation in which you have enough resources to meet all your needs. Since The World always hints at the happy completion of a certain path, it can talk about the fulfillment of your cherished desire. For example, you have been saving money for a long time to buy a house – and finally, you will buy it! ๐Ÿ™‚

The World Tarot card about travel

Major Arcana The World is perhaps the most favorable card in the deck regarding travel. The name of the card itself suggests that all borders are now open for you, and the entire globe is at your disposal. Traveling with this card, you fulfill your destiny, get acquainted with people destined for you by Higher Forces. All trips with Arcana The World will be successful and happy, moreover, they will open up new prospects for your development in the future.

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