Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn – calculation, concentration, goals

Mercury in Capricorn meets the discipline and coldness of Saturn. This leaves its mark on the thinking, contacts, affairs of a person. If such a position is present in your natal chart, Capricorn will accompany you throughout your life. If not, you will feel its influence during this transit. Let’s look at the peculiarities of such an influence in detail.

Mercury in Capricorn in the natal chart – thinking

Calculation, concentration, and foresight are the main characteristics of a person’s thinking with Mercury in Capricorn. Such people are always focused on their own goals, carefully plan their achievement and methodically move towards it. The goals of such a person are mainly related to career, gaining authority and status in society, material well-being.

His thoughts are ambitious and specific. The brain perceives only the information, which relates to previously set goals. Due to such an excessive concentration, Mercury in Capricorn may show narrowness, obsession, lack of flexibility of thinking. Weak imagination. Not a theorist, but a practitioner.

He thinks slowly, but thoroughly. He has an excellent memory and self-organization skills. Unlike most people, can learn not only from his own mistakes but also from others’ ones. Always trying to find the most rational way to solve any issue.

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Communication in the natal chart

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is a harsh and cold planet. It rewards only disciplined, hardworking, law-abiding people. It is not surprising that in communication a person with Mercury in Capricorn behaves coldly, does not show his emotions and hardly expresses them in words.

This is a very offish person, prone to criticism and refined sarcasm. Such a person in any situation keeps his mind sober. He is alert, patient and reliable. Never gives empty promises and does not tolerate such behavior of other people. In most cases, you can rely on him. However, remember that Mercury in Capricorn values his goals first. He can go on deceit and cunning in order to achieve them.

It is unlikely that such a person would ask someone for help. Mercury in Capricorn always relies only on its own strength. However, he can be a good friend if you can melt his heart with sincerity and friendliness. Or, of course, if you will be useful for achieving his goals 🙂

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Mercury in Capricorn in the natal chart – wealth

This planet has the name of the Roman god of commerce and patron of merchants and travelers. In the natal chart of a person, Mercury shows a way to his success and wealth. Mercury in Capricorn gives a person many talents and qualities, using which she can reach heights.

Of course, your ability to focus on goals, planning and self-organization skills, tremendous ability to work and patience will come to the rescue. You do an excellent job with administrative and management work. In addition, you have the gift of diplomacy, mathematical ability.

An innate thrift will help you not only make good money but also save and increase material wealth.

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Transit Mercury in Capricorn

Great time for routine work! Sometime, we should do it, right? During this transit period, people become more responsible, organized and focused. It is a good time to plan, especially in relation to career, business. Take advanced training courses, declare yourself as an expert in specialized publications. The most hardworking and serious people will certainly receive a reward from the planets.

On the contrary, it is better to postpone entertainment and idle communication. People become more reserved, hide their emotions and true feelings. With the negative aspects of Mercury, things are even worse – we become tough, indifferent critics. Therefore, you’d better dive in work. The time for celebration, friendship and love will come soon 🙂

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