Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer – sensitivity, family, traditions

Venus in Cancer is the selfless hearth keeper. This planet is responsible for our values, love relationships, a sense of beauty and material well-being. Cancer is a very sensitive water sign that values ​​traditions and needs care. Let’s see how this position affects the character and behavior of people.

Venus in Cancer in the natal chart – values

For Cancer, nothing is more important than feelings. He lives in a sensual and emotional, rather than in a logical or material, world. Venus in Cancer values ​​love and care above all else. With positive aspects in the natal chart, such a person can both receive and give them. However, sensitivity always ties with heightened sentimentality and idealism.

Love and care in the mind of such a person are inextricably linked with the family, home, and traditions. A person is strongly attached to his parents, treats a spouse like a child. In a relationship, he tends to sacrifice himself, dissolve in a partner. He is easy suggestible and sometimes falls into fanaticism – because of a person, an idea, or a religion. If this person was raised by religious parents, he will be very serious about the rules of the church.

For Venus in Cancer, it is very important to live in a cozy, clean, beautiful home. No one knows how to create a happy and harmonious atmosphere better than such a person.

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Love and relationship in the natal chart

Astrologers believe that Venus in the natal chart of a man determines the type of woman who attracts him. And Venus in the natal chart of a woman points to effective ways for her to enchant men.

Venus in Cancer in the man’s natal chart – what kind of women does he like

A man with Venus in Cancer does not mind playing a paternal role in a relationship. He wants to take care of someone, which is why he is attracted by vulnerable, somewhat helpless girls. Girls whom he can help, while showing his masculinity, strength and wisdom.

Moreover, he is looking for a hearth keeper, good housewife, a potential mother of his children. Even if now he just wants to have some fun, he chooses such a girl on a subconscious level. Sensitive, loyal, soft. Sometimes weak and suggestible.

Venus in the woman’s natal chart – what’s your charm?

You have a well-developed sense of style, so you always look great. But even this is not the main component of your charm. Your secret is in well-developed empathy, the ability to understand the motives and moods of people and sincerely empathize with them. You are able to give a man such emotional support and understanding, which others cannot give.

You change the atmosphere of any place into a cozy, warm, homely one. People notice this and are drawn to you, trying to spend as much time with you as possible. All people and men are no exception! 😉

Cancer effect on Venus

Wealth in the natal chart

In addition to love relationships, Venus in our chart is also responsible for material well-being. In order to achieve it, you need to use the strengths of the corresponding zodiac sign. Venus in Cancer awards the person with many talents.

First, you are able to FEEL people, so you can become a successful psychologist, psychotherapist, HR, educator, teacher. (Yes, you also get along well with children!) This talent can be useful in other professions, in business negotiations, in sales, and so on.

Secondly, you know how to create an atmosphere and have a developed sense of beauty. This means that you can get rich as a events maker, interior designer… everything related to beauty! And also a charity in all its manifestations is very useful to you. Sometimes, giving money, we get them a hundred times more.

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Transit Venus in Cancer

Spend this period at home, with family and close friends. Since all of us are drawn to sentimentality, it is great to look at old photos, watch a romantic touching movie, talk heart to heart. We all want love, make each other cute surprises and gifts.

If you meet this transit alone, then most likely you will stay reserved and plunge into sweet dreams. New acquaintances during this period can be deceptive. Not because we meet bad people. Because we tend to idealize others and hear only what we want to hear.

Venus in Cancer is not very suitable for active and painstaking work, as people become more scattered and lazy. With negative aspects, our sensitivity and vulnerability grow. People may feel that nobody loves them, nobody take care of them. We demand proof of love from others, which often ends in scandals and tantrums.

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