Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo – drama, admiration, chic

Venus in Leo is a bright and artistic star who basks in the spotlight. Venus in the natal chart is responsible for our values, the quality of love relationships and material wealth. Leo is the king not only among the beasts but also among the Zodiac Signs. A generous ruler, obsessed with power and luxury; fiery creative and sexy nature. Let’s see how Venus behaves, falling under the influence of this royal sign.

Venus in Leo in the natal chart – values

Each of us, depending on the characteristics of our natal chart, has its own pyramid of priorities. For people with Venus in Leo, the admiration of others is in the first place. In order to get it, the Leos are ready to work hard – look perfect, luxuriously equip their house, spend a lot of money on chic parties.

Such desirable compliments can only be obtained by being famous, popular, bright. Thus, the remaining values ​​of Leo serve to satisfy their basic needs. It is fame, luxury, wealth.

If Venus in Leo lacks attention, admiration, and worship, she will suffer greatly and search tirelessly for them. At first, trying to deserve compliments from loved ones. If it does not work out, she will find new “admirers” outside the family. If you want to motivate Leo with something, then remember that the best remedy, in this case, is praise 🙂

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Love and relationship in the natal chart

Astrologers believe that Venus in the natal chart of a man determines the type of woman who attracts him. And Venus in the natal chart of a woman points to effective ways for her to enchant men.

Venus in Leo in the man’s natal chart – what kind of women does he like

If a man has Venus in Leo, then know: he is the King! And, of course, he needs only the Queen. Therefore, to attract his attention, you will have to work hard. You should look not just perfect but royally shine with luxury. Even better, if you are popular and artistic, you have many subscribers and fans. Show these successes to a man with Venus in Leo, and he will definitely admit you.

However, if he invites you on a date, do not flatter yourself. Unfortunately, men with such a position of Venus often change their darlings. To avoid deception, you need to give him a huge amount of admiration, compliments and a variety of sensual pleasures.

Venus in the woman’s natal chart – what’s your charm?

If your Venus is located in Leo, congratulations! You have a big chance of success with the opposite sex. A lot of fans, romance, expensive gifts… It’s all for you! You captivate the hearts of men not only with your luxurious appearance. They are conquered by your self-confidence, sexuality, creative energy, the ability to live every day as a holiday.

And most importantly – next to you, any man is getting better in all senses. After all, your level must match 😉

Leo effect on Venus

Wealth in the natal chart

In addition to the love quips and dramas that Venus in Leo brings to their owners, there is often a lot of money in their lives. If you follow your nature and demonstrate your talents to the world, you will easily gain wealth. Your talents – artistry, the world of art, show business, social events, and connections. Money comes to you with fame, so first, you need to achieve fame.

You can become a blogger, actor, singer, style icon … or, a politician, an influential businessman in the field of art. The thirst for power is in your blood, and you have everything you need to be a wise and strong ruler.

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Transit Venus in Leo

Even if there is no pronounced Leo energy in our map, during the transit of Venus in Leo we feel its influence. At this time, people become more emotional, capricious, even sometimes scandalous. After all, we all really want to attract attention!

In addition, at this time we become more wasteful and tend to waste money on fleeting entertainment and pleasure. The efficiency decreases, but creativity works well, business in the sphere of entertainment and recreation is successful too.

Of course, it is worth paying attention to the Venus aspects, and not just to her sign. So, with positive aspects, you will be able to shine in the spotlight on the stage and achieve recognition and applause. And with negative ones, you can get into a love polygon and add unnecessary drama to your life.

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