Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini – communication, ease, fickleness

Venus in Gemini gives people a special charm, ease, and thirst for life. This planet in astrology is responsible for our values, love relationships, wealth. Gemini is an airy mutable sign, distinguished by developed intellect, sociability, and inconstancy. Let’s take a closer look at how Venus in Gemini affects people in their natal charts and during transit.

Venus in Gemini in the natal chart – values

Values ​​are what is important for a person a priori. It is something he cannot imagine his life without. When it comes to Gemini, we are always faced with fickleness. Therefore, the values with such a position of Venus can change many times during life. However, in this changeability, there is constancy. I want to say that freedom to change his opinion about anything is one of the most important values ​​in this case.

Venus in Gemini values ​​freedom because she cannot live without diversity. Freedom also allows such a person to get a new experience. It is important for him to get new experience and share it with everyone around him. Communication also has not the last place among his values.

The thirst for diversity + communication leads to what is now called polyamory, or polygamous. Venus in Gemini, unfortunately, is not created for strong long-term relationships. Such people know how to love, they are friendly and will always come to the rescue. However, limiting themselves to a relationship with one person is real torture for them.

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Love and relationship in the natal chart

Astrologers believe that in the natal chart of a man Venus determines the type of woman who attracts him. And Venus in the natal chart of a woman points to effective ways for her to enchant men.

Venus in Gemini in the man’s natal chart – what kind of women does he like

If a man has Venus in Gemini, he likes smart, sociable girls. Girls with whom you can take a risk, fool around, debate intellectually. Such a girl should be versatile, able to support a conversation on completely different topics. After all, he has so many diverse interests!

Do not try to limit his freedom, to bore him with talk about the seriousness of the relationship. Venus in Gemini is looking for ease, fascination, fun! She does not need drama (like Venus in Aries), nor a measured life (like Venus in Taurus).

Venus in the woman’s natal chart – what’s your charm?

If in your chart Venus is located in Gemini, you are the soul of any company. Your feminine charm is rather what you are inside, not in your appearance. Men are charmed with your brain, the ability to talk beautifully and interestingly. They are admired by your versatility, your ability to take everything from life and enjoy it.

You do not need to dress skirts and heels in order to win their hearts. Just be yourself and you will gather crowds of fans disheveled and without makeup 🙂

Gemini effect on Venus

Wealth in the natal chart

Despite the fickleness of Gemini, their ruler, Mercury, since ancient times was considered the patron saint of merchants and commerce. Venus, in turn, is responsible for the material well-being. Together they give you a good chance of success.

Of course, you can realize yourself in the sales of any products and services. In addition, you perfectly collect and transmit information, which can be useful in the media, education, tourism. You are a great networker, and connections will quickly lead you to prosperity.

You should not limit yourself to the framework of one activity, because your interests are changing so quickly! Choose any area where you need to communicate with people, travel, get a new experience. A place where there is no hard schedule, where you can develop. Under such conditions, you will be successful and happy in any profession.

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Transit Venus in Gemini

Time for pleasant conversations, fun parties, exciting trips. Lightness and ease are in the air. People strive for communication, new acquaintances. Such relationships can result in good friendships or become a fleeting love affair. Venus in Gemini does not contribute to the establishment of a serious long-term relationship. However, you will surely remember these acquaintances for a long time as warm and pleasant.

During this period, you can establish contact with the relatives, get their help and support, including material. There may be pleasant surprises in the form of gifts, prizes, premiums. Venus in Gemini is successful for the information, entertainment, tourist business.

In the case of negative aspects we should beware of scammers and gigolos. So, do not believe the words and mindlessly spend money. And, of course, do not rush to dive in the illegible love relationships.

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