Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio – basic instinct

Venus in Scorpio looks like the TV series, full of strong emotions, seething passions, and mysterious love affairs. Scorpio is a very sensual zodiac sign, responsible for our wild, animal side, as well as for everything secret and mystical. Venus, in turn, is responsible for our manifestations in love relationships, our values ​, and our material well-being. Let’s take a closer look at what Venus in Scorpio brings us – in the natal chart of women and men, as well as in transit.

Venus in Scorpio in the natal chart – values

Values ​​are what will always be a priority for us. They are what we rely on (often unconscious) while making decisions and choices. Knowing our values ​​helps us better understand ourselves and take on the position of masters of our lives.

Since Venus is responsible for values ​​in the natal chart of a person, its position can tell a lot about our values. In the case of Venus in Scorpio, instincts come to the fore – the wild and free energy of our true essence, unlimited by social norms. Physical needs are superior to the rest, and if they are not satisfied, everything else loses its meaning. It is extremely important for Scorpio to pay attention to their health, eat well, get enough sleep and, of course, receive sexual satisfaction. This is a very erotic sign, and in partnership with the planet of love Venus, sex acquires a key role.

However, this does not mean at all that Scorpio is a primitive sign, who only wants to eat and sleep. On the contrary! This is a deeply philosophical sign, striving to solve the mysteries of life, the underlying causes of human behavior. In second place in the pyramid of values ​​of Venus in Scorpio will always be the opportunity to make and solve puzzles. They need a dramatic life full of passions, mysterious events, complex thoughts. Absolute clarity, peace, and simplicity are deadly boring for representatives of this sign.

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Love and relationships in the natal chart

Each of us has his own “language of love.” Its structure largely depends on the position of Venus in the natal chart. So, in the chart of a man, this planet indicates which women attract him. As for woman, it shows her own charm, a strong side that allows her to win hearts.

Venus in Scorpio in the man’s natal chart – what kind of women does he like

A man with this position of Venus strives to passionate, erotic, sexy women. We are talking about wild, unbridled sexuality, which is hidden by some mystery. This woman should show a lot of attention to the physical, material side of life, but at the same time not be overly practical and rational. Such a man will surely enjoy various games, women’s tricks, coquetry. He will want to solve all your riddles, figure out your manipulations – the main thing is to maintain the level of sensuality and passions.

It is worthwhile to understand that such a man, first of all, needs to satisfy his physical needs. If you can give him real pleasure, he will surely appreciate it and remember for a long time.

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Venus in the woman’s chart – what’s your charm?

Scorpio is a water sign, and water is your feminine element. In addition, Scorpio is the deepest water. You have great intuition, which allows you to perfectly understand people and even makes it possible to manipulate them. Manipulating people can bring everyone satisfaction if you are doing it right.

Your power lies in passion and sexuality. Coupled with intuition, psychology, extraordinary thinking, you are able to make the sexual experience outstanding! Remember: it is contraindicated for you to refuse sensual pleasures. If you listen to yourself and live in harmony with your true self, nothing bad will happen. On the contrary, you will find true connoisseurs of your essence, and I promise you that there will be many of them 😉

Scorpio effect on Venus

Wealth in the natal chart

As you know, Venus is not only the queen of love but also the ruler of the monetary sphere of human life. Venus in the natal chart shows us the most organic and simple way to wealth and prosperity. When it comes to Scorpio, we always remember the horoscope house that it controls. If you ever heard something about the eighth house, you probably associate it with the phrase “other people’s money.”

In fact, we are talking about Scorpio’s ability to use the resources of other people competently and with benefit for all participants in the process. It is clear that we do not live in an ideal world consisting solely of positive aspects. There are Scorpios who manipulate others to the detriment of them, or even to themselves. But the truth is that you have a great talent for managing other people’s resources. And if you can apply it in life in one form or another, you will achieve material prosperity!

For example, you can be a great top manager, politician, fundraiser… Or just the beloved daughter or wife. You can detail your path yourself, but do not try to do everything alone. Remember: it is important to use other people’s resources. Then everyone will benefit in the end.

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Transit Venus in Scorpio

Transits of planets affect all people without exception. It doesn’t matter where Venus is in your natal chart. Each time she enters the sign of Scorpio our values, love relationships, as well as material well-being, are affected by this sign.

We all become more passionate, sensual and dramatic. We tend to hyperbolize our emotions, pay more attention to bodily impulses. Of course, the sexual theme intensifies in our lives. The period of this transit is favorable for transferring relations to a more intimate level, the first sexual contact in life, the study of one’s own sexuality.

With the positive aspects of Venus, this transit is perfect for health care, understanding the impulses of our bodies. In addition, it contributes to the conclusion of excellent profitable transactions wherever money and resources appear. For example, the merger of the capital of several founders, investment, etc.

With negative aspects, vivid manifestations of negative emotions are possible. Jealousy, possessive instinct and resentment can even result in a wave of cruelty and violence. The money will flow in a wrong way, and sexual adventures may end in sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, naturally, in such a period it is better to refrain from active actions in love and finances.

So, be sure to monitor the position of Venus and its aspects. This will help you choose the right moment to fulfill your desires and protect yourself from unwanted consequences 💘💰✨

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