Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus – peaceful and pleasant

Venus in Taurus is a material, practical manifestation of love, imagination, beauty. This planet is responsible for our values, our “language of love”, a sense of beauty, creative abilities. Let’s look at how Taurus affects these concepts — in the natal chart and during transit.

Venus in Taurus in the natal chart – values

What is important for a person with such a position of Venus? How does he prioritize? Because of the hedonistic inclinations of Taurus, comfort and sensual pleasures come to the fore. Everything should be beautiful, stylish, tasty, melodic, soft and pleasant. Venus in Taurus has a keen sense of style and aesthetic perception. Because of this, often fixates on the outer look of others, especially on the bad things. But this does not mean that such a person is not able to appreciate the inner beauty of the partner.

He sees and appreciates beauty in everything. However, safety and peace of mind are no less important for him. In an unstable situation, Venus in Taurus is suffering a lot. In order to prevent such discomfort, a person seeks to get guarantees in everything, to have a backup plan, cash savings. It is important for him to preserve what he has achieved.

In love, he is a very dedicated, loyal partner. Not jealous for no reason. He expresses his love in care and help in practice, makes sure that the partner eats, sleeps, has pocket money. Most likely, he will not make romantic gestures. Not because he is indifferent, but because his practical nature does not see the point in it.

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Love and relationship in the natal chart

Astrologers believe that in the natal chart of a man she determines the type of woman who attracts him. And Venus in the natal chart of a woman points to effective ways for her to enchant men.

Venus in Taurus in the man’s natal chart – what kind of women does he like

Such a man is attracted to feminine, well-groomed, practical girls. They like the classic female beauty – long hair, plump lips, a “guitar” figure. Venus in Taurus will immediately appreciate how stylishly you are dressed, how sweet your voice sounds.

In terms of character, there is a complete opposite of Venus in Aries. If Venus in Aries pulls to the bright drama queen, then Venus in Taurus does not want any emotional storms and a whirlwind of passion. This man wants to find a faithful companion, a friend, a keeper of peace of mind. Practical, able to preserve and multiply the benefits, like the element of Taurus does – the earth.

Venus in the woman’s natal chart – what’s your charm?

If in your natal chart Venus in Taurus, congratulations! This wonderful position of the planet will bring you luck in love and material well-being. You probably have a lot of boyfriends who give you gifts 🙂

And if this is not the case yet, it will not be difficult for you to correct the situation. You just need to be yourself – sensual, feminine, surrounded by beauty. Eat delicious food, enjoy the pleasant aromas. Without a twinge of conscience, waste time on self-care and shopping. Watch beautiful movies, listen to great music. Your enjoyment of beauty will infect others and give you extraordinary charm.

Taurus effect on Venus

Wealth in the natal chart

Taurus is the patron of the second house of the horoscope, which is responsible for property and finance. Venus also favors material prosperity. Therefore, there is no doubt that you have a huge chance of wealth.

Venus in Taurus encourages you to tie your activity with something beautiful, creative, possibly related to art. You have a flair for profitable projects; perseverance and forethought. Taurus, like no one else, knows how to handle money, receive it, save it and multiply it. Just listen to your intuition and patiently go to the goal 🙂

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Transit Venus in Taurus

But, even if in your natal chart Venus is located in another sign, you can use the energies of Taurus during the corresponding transit. This is a great period for business, making profitable deals and long-term contracts, investments.

Of course, Venus in Taurus helps us not only to earn money but also to spend it. Appetites increase, both figuratively and literally. We want to buy something beautiful and high-quality, to pamper our body with delicious food and spa treatments. In addition, this is a very good time for erotic evenings with loved ones.

With the negative aspects of Venus, people suffer greatly from the inability to satisfy their desires. They lack everything: attention, affection, hugs … In this case, they often sublimate their problems in love affairs, fraught with family breakdowns and venereal diseases.

To avoid negative developments, learn astrology! Stars always warn us and teach us lessons 🙂

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