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Household chores lunar calendar

Every housewife knows the feeling that doesn’t matter how many times you clean the house, everything becomes dirty again. And the feeling of regret that there are only 24 hours in a day, and you have only two hands 🙂 And all those hidden corners, which are always unreachable? How can I do all these things? How not to miss anything?

Well, firstly, always plan your time, learn the methods of time management, and delegate some tasks to cleaning services. And, secondly, – turn to the Moon for help! Take a look at the Household chores lunar calendar and try to adapt to its simple rules. You will find the 25th hour has appeared in your day, and at least one more hand has springed up! 🙂

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Household chores lunar calendar

Household chores lunar calendar – unfavorable days

To begin with, there are such days when the Moon strongly recommends us to take a break. These lunar days are completely unfavorable for cleaning and washing. If you start cleaning on such days, most likely nothing will work out, and if something succeeds, the results of your efforts will very soon come to naught. There are 15, 20, 26, 30 lunar days. Moon Calendar will tell you which areas of your life need your energy most on these days.

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Household chores lunar calendar – general rules

The Household chores lunar calendar is built on the laws of the Moon phases changing. As you know, the waxing Moon has the ability to provoke an active growth and development of anything that has begun in the first quarter of the lunar cycle. The waning Moon, on the contrary, takes away all unnecessary and useless, cleans, slows, shortens … Based on this rule, the Household chores lunar calendar advises to work on the biggest tasks like a general cleaning on the last quarter of the cycle.

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Waning Moon and the Household chores

So, 24 lunar day – is the best day for the general cleaning, 21 – for the windows and mirrors washing, 23 – for the big laundry, 25 – for the bathroom’s renovation and water softener cleaning, and 27 lunar day – for the cells and aquariums’ cleaning.

It is worth to highlight the 19 and 29 lunar days, which are generally unfavorable for the household chores but are exceptionally good for the decluttering. Get rid of all unnecessary and useless stuff!

Waxing Moon and the Household chores

As for the waxing Moon, it is good to take care of houseplants (3 lunar day), check your home safety, in particular, from insects infestation (9 lunar day), rearrange the furniture & improve your rooms aesthetic (5 lunar day), bring order to your clothes and papers (5 and 14 lunar days). The 13 lunar day is the best day for the culinary exploration – baking, make new or exotic dishes. And of course, if you’re planning to move or searching for an apartment to rent, Waxing Moon will help you with such a new beginning.

Housekeeping lunar calendarPlanning household chores by lunar calendar is a simple way to save your time by distributing it correctly in a harmony with the Moon. We have collected recommendations for you about household chores for each lunar day in the Housekeeping lunar calendar.

Using the Housekeeping Moon Calendar for several lunar cycles, you will understand its logic and make sure that every lunar day with its character is in its own place:

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